Who They Are

The stalwart Trollkin, children of the mother goddess Dhunia, are a people seemingly doomed to suffer in the wars of the great powers. Cast out of homes where they have dwelt for generations by the ceaseless conflicts raging across their lands, the once disparate Kriels of the Trollkin now unify behind the great leaders of their age, for only in standing together can they avoid destruction. With Kriels from across Immoren now working as one, the Trollbloods have become a force that commands the respect of any great nation, and now that the great Dire Trolls and monstrous Kings have been yoked to their service, the Trollbloods have sworn that they will win lands to call their home.

The Trollblood military exists in a state of great tumult – the warrior traditions of ancient times fight alongside rapidly modernising forces in concert, while unique weapons of war are hurled into the fray. Supporting these troops are the full-blooded Trolls, whose adaptation to all the environments of Immoren makes them a force to be reckoned with.

How They Play

Trollblood armies are unified by a mutual theme of working together. Faction-defining support models turn even the lowliest Trollkin warrior or Warbeast into mighty engines of destruction, ably protected by the stalwart fighters of the Kriels. The legendary regenerative abilities of the Trolls can allow them to take hits from the greatest foes without falling, keeping them fighting well past the limits of mortal endurance, and their albino Warlocks are renowned for their resilience in battle. Work in harmony, and none shall take your home from you again!

What They Look Like

Trollblood models unify savagery and tribal civilisation with the trappings of the modern era – a warrior of the Kriels can go into battle in plate and kilt, or armed and armoured as befits a soldier of the Iron Kingdoms. This diversity presents a massive range of opportunities for a painter to make a force their own with unique patterns and stylistic choices, and is common to the entire range, with elementally gifted Trolls of all shapes and sizes allowing the fury of nature in all of its forms to be channelled through the paintbrush.

Key Characters

Madrak – once a chieftain courted by the Circle Orboros in their endless manipulations, Madrak saw the state of his kin and decided that enough was enough. Taking up the cursed axe Rathrok, he has turned the Kriels into a force respected throughout Immoren, and the loss of Rathrok in battle with Kromac has done nothing to diminish his willingness to protect the people he loves.

Doomshaper – a radical among the Kriels, Doomshaper preaches a creed of total annihilation, believing that only superiority will save the Trollkin. Despite his firebrand politics, his usefulness to the Kriels is unquestionable, as he has bound Dire Trolls and the unstoppable Kings to the service of his fellow Warlocks, at a stroke increasing the power of the Kriels tenfold.

Grissel – a mighty warrior in the Fell Caller tradition, Grissel serves her people as a leader of warriors, shepherding civilians and sending forth her armies with herself at the forefront. Forced into greater and greater positions of power as the conflict in Immoren has escalated, Grissel has proven herself more than equal to the challenges her people face.

Borka – a warrior with exuberance and vitality to match any who face him, Borka leads the Kriels of the north into battle. Feasting and fighting with equal exuberance, his legendary prowess has been tested time and time again, and while sobered by the devastation he has witnessed, Borka’s devotion to his people burns as bright as the flames of his kin.

Grim – a bounty hunter of dire reputation, Grim’s massive rifle has meant doom for targets across Immoren. Now leading the forces of the Kriels to war, Grim’s patience and cunning have spread throughout the modern Trollkin armies, with the most skilled among them becoming crack shots to match any sniper of another nation.