The Boarding Crew

What is the Boarding Crew?

The Boarding Crew is a KnightsMachine initiative to help out community organisers across the globe. You’ll be able to recognise them by their swanky shirts, with the Boarding Crew logo, and the fact that they’ll likely be doing something Warmachine and Hordes-ey!

If you’re interested in the game, and want to get involved, these are the people who will help you. Whether it’s in getting an intro game – either through our online system or in person at a store or club near you – or getting advice on learning and growing in the game as you play, the Boarding Crew will be there to get you going. You can find places where Boarding Crew members are available on the map below, and remember, if there’s nobody near you yet, you’re more than welcome to get on board yourself! Our welcoming community will help you with everything you need to get started.

If you’re currently playing, look to these people for organised play in your area. Whether it’s a Journeyman League where you can show new players the ropes, a League game to determine the fate of Immoren, or a Steamroller tournament to test your mettle, your local Boarding Crew member will be making it happen. If you want something to be ran, let them know, and be sure to support their efforts when they do!

How It Works

When you click through the signup link, you’ll be put onto a waiting list while we check your application. We have every faith in the Warmachine and Hordes community, and plan to go on trust, but we may randomly ask applicants for some details about how long they’ve been playing etc, just to ensure that the program is healthy. Applicants will be expected to abide by the Code of Conduct, outlined here. Naturally, that means that we reserve the right to reject an application if we feel we have to. Either way, we’ll email you back letting you know the result. Successful applicants will get a payment link for their membership fee of £20 per annum (per year) to The Boarding Crew, which is an entity set up by us to ensure that what goes into the community stays in the community. Funds from this will be used for:

-sending out Boarding Crew shirts, and other cool things whenever possible

-funding quality materials for you to use in your local gaming space

-supporting the creation of high-quality content for the game

And absolutely nothing else! We at KnightsMachine don’t intend to see a single penny or cent of anything that gets put into this on a personal level – we’re not here for that. As such, yearly, and wherever possible monthly club accounts will be published on the site, so everyone can see that we’re entirely in this for the community.

Once you’ve joined in, let’s see what you’ll get out!

Why You Should Join

Respect: The position of Boarding Crew member is one that gets a lot of respect from the Warmachine and Hordes community. As someone who gives up their time and energy to make the community a better place for everyone, whether that be by bringing new blood in, running events, or simply being a point of contact for your local group, the services that you will provide are absolutely vital to the health of the game, and everyone who sees you in your gorgeous Boarding Crew member shirt will be sure to thank you for it!

Swag: Our network of Boarding Crew has access to all the marketing materials made for Warmachine and Hordes by the core committee. Your contributions will fund the design of art and video assets to match and exceed those provided elsewhere in the miniature wargaming community, meaning that Warmachine and Hordes can be shown off in its full glory. Every time someone wanders in to look at a game, you’ll have something to hand them or point them at to show them exactly where to start and engage with the community, and when people are checking out cool content for the game across the Internet you’ll be able to point and say ‘I made that happen!’.

Games: As a trusted member of The Boarding Crew, you’ll gain access to the exclusive Discord server that automatically sets up demo games for anyone interested in Warmachine and Hordes. As they click through our articles and galleries, those who see the game and think that they’d like a try are able to instantly have a Discord room set up for them, in which you can hop in to take them on the first steps to becoming a Warmachine and Hordes player. Whether you have a community of your own or just want to help out with the growth of the game across the world, you’ll be able to do so from the comfort of your own home, and revolutionise the way that people get into miniature wargaming!

We hope that this is enough to convince you! We want to be clear that it’ll never be essential for someone to join in order to make use of what’s on this site in service of their communities. KnightsMachine is going to keep churning out content like it always has. However, we think that with your support, we can do something truly awesome for the community. Your support will help us take Warmachine and Hordes to the heights that we all know it can reach!