Who They Are

Both nation and people, the Skorne are unquestionably the dominant force in the lands far to the east of Immoren, raising a cruel empire far from the shattered wreckage of ancient Lyoss. Having marched forth against the nations of the west under the leadership of the former Cygnaran king, Vinter Raelthorne, they were only thrown back by the desperate defiance of those in their path. After uncovering his treachery, the Skorne have renewed themselves in the blood of their foes – led by the Supreme Archdomina Makeda, they now test the strength of their martial code of hoksune against Ios, fighting a bitter war for dominance over the mysterious lands of the north that shows no signs of slowing down.

On the battlefield, the Skorne fight with a twisted sense of honour. To cut the foe down from afar is considered distasteful, but to take endless captives for torture and indentured labour is simply a fact of life. When facing the Skorne in battle, skilled melee combatants will slay the foe with faultless precision, while pain-maddened Warbeasts rampage in their wake.

How They Play

Skorne epitomise martial might. As a society dedicated to the pursuit of immortality through proving their worthiness, each Skorne fights as if possessed, knowing that to die without glory is to scream into the Void for eternity. As these demons of the battlefield hurl themselves as the foe, the Warlocks and Paingivers of the Skorne leverage dark mortitheurgy in control of broken beasts and captured slaves. Claim victory blade to blade, and fulfil the codes of hoksune to gain stone immortality!

What They Look Like

Skorne models burst with detail – their artfully wrought weapons and armour are forged to do great honour to those who wield them, and the menagerie of Warbeasts they drive into battle are not short of areas for a painter to try something new. Mixing martial conformity with the razor-sharp tools of mortitheurgy, the Skorne have a unifying aesthetic unlike any normal army. Worthy of note are the stone legions of the Exalted, who provide a perfect opportunity to have one scheme for the main forces and another more suited to their carven forms.

Key Characters

Makeda – formerly Vinter’s most loyal servant, Makeda now leads her people to forge their own destiny, rejecting the vengeful former king’s lies. Having taken charge of the stalled Army of the Western Reaches, she now leads a colossal invasion force in a rampage through Ios, having broken through its mighty walls in a feat few can equal and none surpass.

Morghoul – dreaded lord of the Paingivers, Morghoul has attained his position through a record of assassination that would give the most ruthless ruler of other nations pause. Acting as self-appointed watcher of the throne to ensure that a calamity such as Vinter never befalls the Skorne again, all know that if Morghoul’s eye is upon them, their deaths may come in an eyeblink.

Hexeris – twisted master of mortitheurgy, there is no art too dark for Hexeris to learn. When Hexeris takes to the field, those who face him know that there is either victory or death, for to be taken alive by his forces guarantees a fate that makes the most hardened warriors shudder. Hexeris employs his dark arts in pursuit of his own ends while feigning loyalty, and woe to any in his way.

Zaal – the venerated leader of the Extoller caste, responsible for the judgement of whether a soul is worth of immortality in the Exalted, Zaal’s elevated status hides dark secrets. Having performed experiments on the sacral stones of revered ancestors in rites that any other would deem abominable, Zaal recently escaped the Void’s clutches only barely after a Retribtion ambush slew his mortal form and confined him to a mighty Exalted construct.

Xerxis – this respected Tyrant lets nothing come between him and Makeda’s enemies. Unflinchingly loyal in a land of turbulent politics, Xerxis is a warrior that can be counted on to batter whatever foe stands in his way, leading from the front with his mighty Pillars of Halaak to send opponents flying. Neither cumbersome armour, nor crushingly heavy weapon, nor the injuries of battle can hold him back, and he has already been marked for glorious Exaltation.