Who They Are

The Retribution are a sect of the Elven nation of Ios, condemned until recently as fanatical extremists for their persecution of human arcanists in the belief that it would revive their ailing god Scyrah. With the influx of forces brought by the commitment of several prominent Houses to their cause, and the political gains from fighting in defence of the nation against the invasion of the Skorne, the Retribution has become a driving force within Ios, able to rally forces to its banner in greater numbers than ever before, and have become a terror to the human mages that they mercilessly hunt for what the Retribution sees as their stolen power. Fighting as both stealthy strike forces and gleaming legions, the Retribution is swiftly proving to be a terror with unparalleled reach.

Retribution attacks demonstrate the superiority of Ios over every other nation. Technological marvels powered by technologies barely understood by those who strive against them lay waste to enemy forces, as elite units strike hard and fast to leverage their skill in battle against any within their reach.

How They Play

The Retribution of Scyrah form a force that fights in perfected synergy. No matter if it is made up of swift-moving Mage Hunters, the stalwart forces of the Houses, or the smooth silhouettes of their mysterious Warjacks, the enemy will be assailed by an army made up of masters of their craft, whether in defence or offence. Their Warcasters either assist them in striking from the shadows or lead them from the front with mastery of blade and firepower, but whatever their approach to battle the aid they provide to their troops is invaluable.

What They Look Like

Retribution models have an aesthetic that befits their ancient home – no matter the unit, its weapons and its protection will be smooth and refined in contempt of the crude and inelegant ways of human forces. Models in this army will have rounded areas well-suited to blending work, with plenty of detail to break up their surfaces. With weapons often concealed or part of the model itself, such as the internal ranged weaponry of Shyeel Warjacks, the Retribution is a unique Warmachine and Hordes Faction to paint.

Key Characters

Vyros – a master of House Nyarr, fighting alongside the respected Dawnguard in defence of Ios, Vyros has cleverly pledged his forces to the services of the Retribution in hopes of wielding its religious cause for the political gain of its house. Though his motivations are ignoble, his commitment to the cause is hard to deny, as he leads force after force against all comers to push the Retribution closer to its goals.

Garryth – this veteran Mage Hunter has fought a brutal shadow war against human arcanists for several years, reaping a bloody toll on his targets and melting into shadow before he can be pursued. With no mercy for any who would stand against the return of his goddess to health, Garryth is an undeniably devoted warrior of his religion, and will stop at absolutely nothing in service of the Retribution.

Ossyan – fighting to restore the honour of House Vyre after its fall from grace in the Iosan Civil War of years past, Ossyan struggles against the cursed legacy left by Goreshade in his mad schemes. Striving to demonstrate that House Vyre is still worthy of Ios, he has thrown himself into achieving the goals of Retribution to earn redemption, fighting in their highest-priority missions to bring back what his home has lost.