Who They Are

The Protectorate of Menoth are a breakway from Cygnar, separated by their ancient commitment to the rule of Menoth’s Priest-Kings. Their Visgoths and Hierarch have led them through tumultuous revolt against Cygnar and the formation of their nation, through secretive buildup of military forces in violation of their treaties, and finally into outright crusade against the heathen forces of other nations. Launching massive attacks both northward and into Cygnar, the Protectorate has burst onto the military stage of the Iron Kingdoms in droning hymn and blazing fire. Utilising smuggled cortexes, the devoted citizenry, and its zealous warrior orders, the Protectorate brings the Word of Menoth everywhere they can reach, and will let no heresy or idol corrupt their divine purpose.

When the masked Scrutators command the Protectorate on the field of battle, their armies are unified by the twin powers of faith and fire. Setting the foe’s formations ablaze with burning power both arcane and chemical, and with Menoth’s power suffocating the heretical magic of their foes, a Protectorate force is universally dreaded by the unbeliever.

How They Play

The Protectorate’s fury against the nonbeliever and the heretic is unrivalled. No matter the force, it will draw strength from the power of its faith, with warriors going beyond the bonds of injury, physical limits, and even death itself to rend the foe asunder. Attempting to harm these crusaders as they undertake their holy work often merely serves to drive them to greater heights of fervour, as their Warcasters unleash blessed magics that purge unclean spells, while bolstering their warriors to overcome whatever stands in their way!

What They Look Like

Protectorate models are suitably ornate, as one would expect of warriors holding to godly virtue. With their artfully crafted arms and armour, the Protectorate provide endless opportunities for the painting of details both metallic and otherwise, as well as an abundance of masked forces for those wishing to avoid painting faces. A unifying presence of flowing tabards and blazing fires complete their models with areas that can be made to stand out whether using highlights or blending, providing opportunities to skilled and novice painters alike.

Key Characters

Kreoss – a brave warrior of the Exemplar orders, Kreoss is at once stalwart in his defence of the faithful and crushing on the field of battle. Leading from the front, he strikes deep into the hearts of heretic forces, equally adept in command of whatever can be mustered. His strength is unquestioned and has led to his continuous rise through the ranks, becoming an honoured war-leader answering to the Hierach alone.

Severius – rising from Scrutator to Hierarch after the loss of Hierarch Voyle, Severius has guided the progress of the Northern Crusade in making substantial gains for the Protectorate, shepherding more into the arms of the Creator than perhaps any before him. With political dominance and arcane power, he has taken de-facto control over several areas of Llael, bringing the Word of Menoth to several who laboured under lesser gods.

High Reclaimer – a mysterious figure who exists only to carry out the will of the Creator of Man, the High Reclaimer leads his order in shepherding the souls of the faithful towards Menoth’s dominion in the afterlife of Urcaen. Breaking the bonds of life and death with casual disregard, caring only to spend lives in pursuit of divine goals, this silent warrior is feared by friend and foe alike.

Feora – a political schemer with few equals within the Protectorate, Feora has parlayed her leadership of the devoted Flameguard into many gambits, aiming to take the role of Hierarch that she believes herself to rightly deserve. Though she has as yet been unsuccessful, the trail of blazing heretic corpses that she leaves in her wake on the battlefield are testament to her unmistakeable commitment to the service of Menoth.

Harbinger – empowered by Menoth Himself to act as His mouthpiece upon Caen, the Harbinger is such a holy presence that she floats above the ground itself, Menoth refusing to let her be sullied by its touch. With His power coursing through her, the Harbginer is at once a beacon of their god’s divinity to the faithful and a force of sheer terror to the foe, who face not only the armies of the Protectorate but the unchecked wrath of a god.