Who They Are

Broadly divided into the tribes of Gatorman and Farrow, alongside other warriors of strange and exotic provenance, Minions is a catch-all term for the unaligned forces of the wilds of Immoren. Charismatic leaders have united both of the most common races – the porcine humanoids of the Farrow flock to the banner of Lord Carver, who promises power and to gain the respect of the civilised nations by force, while the shamanic Gatormen of the swamps live in fear of the dread mystic Barnabas, who pursues his own dark ascension to godhood with crazed devotion. As both forces burst onto the stage of the wars of Immoren, they take the role of an unknown elements, whose efforts may tip the scales one way or another.

Just as their leaders pursue unique paths to power, so too do their forces fight in ways unlike any other. The Farrow mechanise great beasts of war in a savage melding of muscle and machine, backed by a crude but effective parody of a modern army, while Gatorman forces cross the border between life and death itself with their unknowable magics to rend the foe with their mighty jaws.

How They Play

Minions armies are united by only one thing – their pursuit of plunder. With an array of tactics as diverse as the warriors that make up their ranks, no Minion Warlock pursues victory in the same way, whether it be with maddened Warbeasts, zombified warriors, or fractious coalition in search of its next meal. A Minions player wishing to make a meal of their foes will thus use whatever unique strengths their models have access to, in order to secure victory – or at least end with fewer mouths to feed.

What They Look Like

The Minion range is as broad as the Mercenary one, simply adding the savagery of the wilds to the mix. The machines of the Farrow lend ample opportunity to work on a large amount of metallic surfaces not often seen in a Hordes Faction, while the dark Gatormen’s ritualistic bent manifests itself in several trappings of faith for a detail-oriented painter to focus on. The more disparate elements of Minion forces provide a welcome change of pace that can punctuate the processes of completing an army’s scheme, while still remaining visually cohesive.

Key Characters

Carver – overlord of any Farrow that he can force into submission with beatings, bribery, and bombast, this brutal warrior’s list of titles is rivalled only by his unchecked ambition for the Thornfall Alliance he commands to attain the power he feels that it deserves. With the support of the exiled Dr. Arkadius, he leverages his new weapons of power to forge a path to his dreams.

Barnabas – a Gatorman of singular focus, Barnabas seeks to join the Gatorman god Kossk in divinity by blood-soaked ascension. He is now well on this journey, straddling the barrier between life and death itself, as he commands both living and dead in battle. Barnabas’ journey is not yet complete, but his apotheosis is less a possibility than dreaded inevitability.