Who They Are 

The mercenaries of Immoren, unified only by a shared willingness to fight for coin, are as numerous as the wars that they flock to. In such a conflict-rich environment, those willing to ply the soldierly trade in return for the contents of a nation’s coffers can find themselves in high demand, for there are always rulers willing to drain their treasury for an edge in battle. Whether honourably bound by contract or shadowy denizens of the underworld, the Mercenaries of Immoren are universally respected for the prowess that they have earned on endless battlefields, with the greatest commanding a high price to ply their charnel trade.

When a force of Mercenaries takes to the battlefield, it can either be as a part of any power willing to pay their price, or by a dedicated Mercenary Warcaster, prized for their ability to command their Warjacks to the heights of their effectiveness. With massively diverse ranks, no two Mercenary forces will fight in the same way, but one can be sure that they will bring death to the enemy.

How They Play

The variation within the Mercenary playstyle is massive. A shadowy cabal of the underground Cephalyx leading their horrifically bonded Drudge servants into battle wages war in a completely different manner to the rag-tag patriots of the Llaelese Resistance, and both fit ill among the pirate flags of the Talion Charter. Mercenary Warcasters will always make shrewd use of their troops in battle, and those leading Mercenaries into battle would do well to make use of their talents.

What They Look Like

The Merenary range is just as diverse in its models as the nature of the faction on the battlefield. Any manner of painter can find something to love within Mercenaries – the Dwarves of Rhul hold great appeal to those who enjoy large amounts of armour to work with, while the warriors of the Morrowan and Thamarite faiths sport beautiful trim upon their flowing religious garb, and yet other forces give ample opportunity to paint a dizzying array of flesh tones. When painting a Mercenary army, one can always find something new to try when tired of one style.

Key Characters

Magnus – an embittered traitor of Cygnar cast out after the Lion’s Coup, Magnus has worked ceaselessly to regain what he sees as his rightful position at the side of the more brutal half of the Raelthorne dynasty. In service of this goal, he has forged a mighty coalition of fighting force drawn from the length and breadth of Immoren, unified by a commitment to seeing him restored either in service to the nation or to ensure their own personal enrichment.

Ashlynn – shattered by the fall of her beloved country in Khador’s merciless assault and the death of her father to their invading hordes, Ashlynn has unified her country’s military forces and deployed the remains of its treasury in pursuit of the power to drive out her hated enemy. Taking any job offered to her, Ashlynn’s devotion to her cause is unshakeable, and those who know of her struggle are left with no doubt that she will repel Khador or die trying.

Shae – a privateer of wide renown, Shae leads the crew of the great ship Talion across the high seas in service of whoever is willing to pay. Storming across the waters and lands of Immoren with the expertise of a master captain, Shae brings the fury of storm and wave crashing down upon his foes, and with the support of his crew’s heroic leaders is a force to be reckoned with in personal combat.