Who They Are

The Legion of Everblight stand in ghastly testament, both to the unnatural power afforded to Toruk’s progeny, and to the genius of one in particular. Everblight, reduced to the mighty athanc at his core, was sealed away after his defeat by the Elves of Ios countless years ago after corrupting the underbellies of their cities in secret. Eventually ensnaring a desperate Ogrun with his honeyed words, Everblight once again had access to mortals, but, uniquely for a free dragon, chose not to regenerate his body, instead dividing himself between those he deemed worthy and setting about the shaping of any flesh he could reach. His horrific efforts have borne dread fruit in the Legion, and all who stand in their way shall feel the wrath of a dragon denied.

The Legion’s strength in battle comes from the mastery of the twisted Nyss, who still bear the hallmarks of their once-noble culture, brutal Ogrun, and the abominations humans call dragonspawn. Working in awful concert, these horrific monstrosities strike the foe with lightning speed and blighted might, making up for their numbers and resilience with sheer fury.

How They Play

The Legion fight as a highly mobile strike force, supplementing their strength with a variety of dread dragonspawn, with fire-breathing juggernauts, stealthy hunters, and darting winged creations proving the equal of any Warjack or Warbeast. The foe that assails the Legion will often recoil in horror, as the least of their worries is the furious retaliation of their warriors – those cast down may have their skin run like candlewax into sickening new forms that leap to assail the foe, while gouts of boiling acid and razor sharp spines bedevil the fool that attacks their Warbeasts without due care. A clever Legion Warlock will stoke Everblight’s flames brightly, and consume the foe in a tide of mutated glory!

What They Look Like

In sheer disgusting visage, the Legion have no equal. Their range of models displays the touch of Everblight in every aspect, whether it be the slight yet unmistakeable protrusions of vestigial spikes and horns, or the awful heights of fleshcraft that shape once-whole creations into a twisted reflection of their former selves. Fans of body horror will find the Legion a sickening joy to paint, with characterful models that offer endless options for different tones of flesh and sinew, while the casual painter will find that simple techniques yield great rewards on carapace and armour.

Key Characters

Thagrosh – the Ogrun that discovered Everblight and brought doom to Nyss and Ogrun alike, this once insignificant creature is now a testament to the shaping power of the great dragon. With mighty blade and warped flesh, and the timeless voice of Everblight whispering in his ear, there are few who can overcome this combination of blighted strength and insane genius.

Vayl – greatest betrayer of her people and foremost amongst the mystics of the Legion, it was Vayl who poisoned the Nyss shards with Everblight’s taint, leading her race willingly down the path of eternal damnation. Reaping her rewards with vigour, she now fights as one of Everblight’s most prominent generals, leveraging the power within her piece of the athanc to deliver annihilation.

Lylyth – peerless amongst the Legion’s scouts, Lylyth fights independently, waging a shadow war against whatever the enemy is foolish enough to leave lightly garrisoned against the threat of her predations. Letting loose volleys of unerring shot, Lylyth hunts swiftly and silently until all that is left of Everblight’s enemies is a feast for her Warbeasts.

Kallus – an awful harbinger of the next step in Everblight’s plans, Kallus is effectively immortal, able to grow anew out of any he infects. Shaped by the dragon into an instrument of death, Kallus lacks any personality beyond service to Everblight – and even among the dragon’s devoted soldiery, his single-minded commitment is enough to give any warrior pause.

Saeryn and Rhyas – guided by prophecy, these twins slew their entire shard to save them from the oncoming storm of Everblight’s corrupting influence, yet pledged themselves to Thagrosh after testing his mettle in battle. Fighting as often for the Legion as in pursuit of their own shadowy agenda, Saeryn and Rhyas are a dangerous wild card in the story of Everblight’s renewal.