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KnightsMachine is proud to host a variety of podcasts from across the world. Our very own KnightsCast is uploaded at weekends as regularly as possible, and our other partners provide content on a consistent basis. 

Welcome to KnightsCast #10! Ben, Mark, and Paul decide on the worst themes in each faction, who can make them shine, and what could be done to improve them.

Welcome welcome welcome, for a long awaited (edit: Tomasz got hooked on the legion CID and never edited it) episode, back from the days of the Bear Dog Scrum by Jeremy Posner & the Mollywhoppers. Another online tournament, and of course we are joined by the winner, Daniel Bergström with whom we break down the solo-dominated meta and how Siege1 and gunlines in general slide into the mix.

Welcome to KnightsCast #9! We have a more measured look at the keynote, and also the beginnings of Legion CID. 

We got very drunk and an episode happened.

Welcome to KnightsCast #8! Ben, Paul, and Sykes talk about playing your way out of a disadvantaged situation.

A bonus preamble, showing a day in the life of starting a recording!

Welcome to KnightsCast #7! Ben, Mark, Paul, and Sykes talk about teching lists to cover for your main.

Welcome to KnightsCast Bonusode #1! Ben, Mark, and Sykes discuss Trolls and speculate on the upcoming CID, with only one minor bit of censoring!

Welcome to KnightsCast #6! Ben, Mark, and Paul discuss a recent team tournament win and answer some Patreon questions, with some absolutely seamless editing.

Welcome to KnightsCast #5! Mark, Ben, and the briefly appearing ghost of James* talk WTC in a very timely episode.

*If you say his name three times, 49.8% of the time his audio file will be corrupt and you’ll have to edit the entire episode around him

Welcome to KnightsCast #4! Ben, Mark, and Paul discuss the state of Colossals and Gargantuans in the current metagame, and Ben has some interesting things to say on behalf of the Victor at the end. Enjoy!

Welcome to KnightsCast #3! Ben, Mark, and Paul talk about models they feel are overrated and underrated, with absolutely zero controversy. Enjoy!

Welcome to KnightsCast #2! Ben, Mark, and Paul rank the Archons and discuss certain noises that Ben makes. Listener discretion advised!

Welcome to KnightsCast #1! Ben, Jake, Mark, and Paul discuss the recent Insider’s information on Steamroller 2020 changes and speculate on future developments.

Fully Boosted Presents: Codices of Caen - Circle Orboros

On this episode of Codices of Caen, Brad is joined by Mollywhopper and his USA WTC Teammate Baby Michael Stone to discuss every Warlock in Circle!

Baldur 1 (01:05), Baldur2 (6:27), Grayle (12:07), Iona (18:20), Kaya1 (24:44), Kaya2 (31:31), Kaya3 (36:22) Kromac1 (43:01), Kromac2 (49:11), Krueger1 (56:00) Kreuger2 (1:03:00), Mohsar (1:12:09), Morvana1 (1:18:58), Morvana2 (1:24:22), Tanith (1:29:33), Bradigus (1:37:09), Una2 (1:42:34), Wurmwood (1:47:51)

Fully Boosted Presents: Codices of Caen – Protectorate of Menoth

On this episode of Codices of Caen, Mollywhopper and Brad's WTC Teammate Justin Du breaks down every Menoth caster!

Timestamps: Amon 1:00, Cyrenia 8:12, Durant 15:20, Feora1 21:10, Feora2 26:50, Feora3 34:25, Harby 39:57, High Reclaimer 50:45, Testament 58:04, Kreoss1 1:03:44, Kreoss2 1:07:38, Kreoss3 1:11:38, Malekus 1:17:45, Reznik1 1:24:26, Reznik2 1:29:39, Severius1 1:36:18, Severius2 1:40:22, Thyra1 1:45:33, Vindictus 1:53:44, Durst 1:57:55, Vlad3 2:04:25

Fully Boosted Presents: Codices of Caen – Trollbloods

In this episode, John Henry joins Brad to do a full breakdown of the Trollbloods warlocks! 

Timestamps for each Warlock: Borka1 (1:00), Borka2 (5:20), Calandra (10:55), Doomshaper1 (19:20), Doomshaper2 (25:35), Doomshaper3 (30:00), Grim1 (36:07), Grim2 (41:52), Grissel1 (46:34), Grissel2 (56:09), Gunnbjorn (1:00:07), Horgle2 (1:03:50), Kolgrima (1:08:22), Madrak1 (1:17:32), Madrak2 (1:23:15), Madrak3 (1:26:18), Ragnor (1:32:11), Jarl (1:36:00)

Fully Boosted Presents: Codices of Caen – Cryx

In the first episode, captain of Belgium’s WTC Team Tim Bossuyt joins Brad to do a full breakdown of the Cryx warcasters!

Timestamps for each warcaster (give or take 30 seconds each with edits): Agathia (2:00), Aiakos2 (5:25), Lich1 (10:55), Lich2 (19:20), Lich3 (24:40), Coven (29:25), Denny1 (34:30), Denny2 (38:05), Denny3 (45:55), Shade1 (49:45), Shade2 (55:45), Shade3 (1:01:15), Mortenabra1 (1:05:50), Mortenabra2 (1:10:15), Rahera (1:15:15), Scaverous (1:20:20), Skarre1 (1:27:55), Skarre2 (1:32:20), Skarre3 (1:38:40), Sturgis2 (1:43:45), Terminus (1:48:20), Venethrax (1:55:25).

Dark Guidance 69

This week Chris, Brian, and Tom lure Jack away from Menoth long enough to discuss the Legion CID.

Dark Guidance 68

This week Brian, Tom, and Chris go over the 2020 Privateer Press Keynote. Unable to contain their hype and running on very little sleep they recount the announcements of PP’s upcoming releases for IKRPG, Mini-crate, Monsterpocalypse, Warmachine, and Riot Quest. Please enjoy.

Dark Guidance 67

This week on Dark Guidance, Chris and Brian are joined by 2 Tom's and 1 Colin Hill as we talk about the ins & outs of planning your important turns in Warmachine. Our discussion ranges from how to plan your critical initial turns to avoid digging yourself your very own pitfall and screwing your game up to the battle-ending turns where, after inevitably shoveling yourself into a hole, you are required to keep digging in the hopes that you somehow manage to dig upward instead and salvage the game or savage your opponent. Enjoy.