Who They Are

The most expansive of the Iron Kingdoms, Khador’s Empress considers her destiny and that of her nation to be total dominion over the lands they see as rightfully theirs. Much reduced in size during the treaties signed after the Rebellion against the Orgoth, Khador has tried several times throughout history to regain its former possessions. Under the rule of Empress Ayn Vanar, Khador has made massive lasting territorial gains, crushing the nation of Llael in a lightning assault that lit the fires of conflict in the Iron Kingdoms for years to come – while the efforts of the Crucible Guard in conjunction with Cygnar’s recent push has forced some cracks to show, Khador remains a worthy opponent.

When the Khadoran nation goes to war, it does so with the one resource in which it is unrivalled – its supply of dedicated and patriotic citizenry. No matter the arm of the Khadoran military, its presence on the field will be great in number, from the lowliest conscript levy to the mightiest assembly of armoured warriors.

How They Play

Khador are the undisputed masters of wave tactics. Whether fielding their precious Warjacks – exclusively of the Heavy and Colossal grades, to make use of their limited cortex materials – or their mortal soldiery, the foe will be assailed by as many warriors as the Khadoran Warcaster, who is invariably of great personal prowess as a warrior and commander, has access to. A Khadoran Kommander seeking victory will spend lives where necessary, but never wastefully, to bury the enemy in steam and steel!

What They Look Like

Khador models have a brutal aesthetic, reflecting the harsh nation in which they dwell. Mighty axes are common, as are cloths and thick coats to stay the bite of their home’s endless cold. This cold is often reflected in their weaponry, with several melee weapons glowing blue with mechanika designed to freeze the opponent where they stand. Sharp edges on several Warjacks and larger models reward highlighting well, and the large flat surfaces with opportunities for detail work can make any colour choice shine.

Key Characters

Sorscha – a bitter Kommander, torn from her family both in youth and in military service, Sorscha employs the power of winter itself as a weapon to unleash blistering waves of sheer cold against any foolish enough to meet her in battle. Weaving between their frozen forms with the speed of a winter gale, Sorscha’s mighty hammer Frostfang shatters all within reach into bloody shards of flesh and iron.

Vladimir – a mighty noble lord of the province of Umbrey, famed for its horse lords and fractious relationship with Khador, Vladimir has had to set aside his dreams of a family life with Sorscha in light of the cold realities of war. As shrewd a politician as he is skilled a warrior, Vladimir’s destiny, guided by the shadowy Old Witch, is one drenched in the blood of both his foes and his own kingly bloodline.

Butcher – less a man than a barely restrained force of nature, for the dreaded Butcher of Khardov there is no foe that cannot be ended with unchecked rage. Bound to the service of the Empress to escape condemnation for the Boarsgate Massacre, the Butcher seethes with insane fury barely checked when off the battlefield. When unleashed, he is an unstoppable hurricane of severed limbs, gushing blood and screaming foes, dreaded the length and breadth of the Iron Kingdoms.

Irusk – a legendary commander, Irusk is quite literally the man who wrote the book on warfare in Western Immoren, and his expertise is well-respected by friend and foe alike. By Irusk’s hand, the nation of Llael was overcome in a shock assault, and by Irusk’s hand, the will of the Empress will be carried out with the ruthless employment of his strategic genius. Censured for his failure once, Irusk has sworn never to do so again, an oath bound to his very life.

Old Witch – the enigmatic architect of Khador’s destiny for far longer than any mortal lifespan, the Old Witch of Khador has weaved her incomprehensible plans for hundreds of years to further her own goals. Indeed, it is said that when Menoth himself bestrode Caen, the Old Witch was waiting there to meet him. What is impossible to deny is that her arcane talents are ferocious indeed, and that the fruition of her plans, most recently in bringing the dreaded Grymkin back into reality, are not over yet…