Who They Are

The dreaded Infernals, waiting for so long to take what was promised to them in contract by the dark goddess Thamar, have finally arrived to reap their bounty of souls from the terrified peoples of Immoren. These extradimensional beings comprehend not the concepts of pity or mercy, and their invasion has devastated vast swathes of the already battered nations and peoples in their way, taking a great bounty of souls to fuel their war machine. Though valiantly opposed by the nations of Immoren working with a unity that transcends the centuries of war that define the continent, the lives of all hang on a knife edge, with only the ceaseless efforts of those who oppose the Infernals preventing them from overrunning everything.

The Infernals, alongside human traitors swayed by the promises of power whispered in their willing ears, fight with unique forces. With a wide variety of ways to steal the souls of those whose lives they end, and the ability to manipulate these souls to fuel their monstrous Horrors, an Infernals army that reaps its bounty is one to be reckoned with.

How They Play

The Infernals’ unique mechanic of Essence and use of Horrors instead of Warjacks or Warbeasts makes them a foe unlike any other. The Faction carries a theme of sacrifice – the human pawns of the Infernals will gladly (or not so gladly) lay down their lives in pursuit of the aims of their Masters, with their deaths both fuelling the magics of their overlords. As battle rages, Horrors pull themselves into reality through the twisted corpses of those fallen into deepest damnation. Cunning Masters will bring in the Horrors most suited to the foe, and carry the day upon a tide of souls!

What They Look Like

Infernals are twisted and otherworldly one and all, and this is reflected in their model ranges. Creatures that could not – should not – exist fight alongside human dupes and Masters that seem borne of dark nightmare, in a display of evil sorcery that few can match. For their models, this leads to a unique aesthetic, with a reality-defying beauty bound in flesh, carapace, and dark iron. Schemes that exploit this bizarre biology will stand out excellently on the tabletop, and their unworldly nature gives ample opportunity for the imagination to run wild.

Key Characters

Zaateroth – leader of the Infernal invasion of Immoren, Zaateroth is a cruel and cunning creature whose ambition knows no bounds. Directing endless waves of both her own forces and those who have turned from the light in service of the new dominant force, Zaateroth beguiles and misdirects her foes with her mastery of shadow and witchery.

Agathon – testament to the power of the Infernals to tempt even the most stalwart figure, Agathon delights in forging contracts with mortals that become ensnared in its wicked webs of deceit and half-truths. With supreme mastery over the arcane, Agathon blasts enemies apart in unparalleled displays of sheer arcane force.

Omodamos – a brutal fighter whose thirst for souls is unmatched, Omodamos has seeded himself into the profane literature of many a cult in an effort to have them summon him into the real world, only for them to realise their error all too late when he smashes their bodies asunder with mighty flails. Now unleashed upon Immoren, he reaps a tally of souls few can match.