Who They Are

Wrenched out of the hells that Menoth condemned them to in the earliest days of humanity, the dreaded Grymkin have carved their way into and across the realms of Immoren to punish the unjust. Their rampage was set in motion by the schemes of the Old Witch in an attempt to disrupt the Infernals, hoping that the Grymkin would seek out their mortal catspaws and turncoats to face their dark justice, and shows no signs of stopping even with the arrival of the Infernals on the material plane. Defying reality itself, the Grymkin surge forth in a bizarre cavalcade of death.

On the tabletop, the Grymkin fight unlike any other force in Immoren. The foe’s efforts to waylay and defeat them in battle are met with waves of the most outlandish troops imaginable, almost seeming to be a great cosmic joke until their lethality is thoroughly demonstrated. Those who stand against the Grymkin will be devastated, damned, and doomed in short order.

How They Play

The Grymkin are a faction designed around punishing those who do ill, and this is reflected in their design. The unique Arcana system, replacing the Feat of most Grymkin Warlocks, allows Grymkin players to turn the efforts of their foes against them, whether condemning an enemy foolish enough to stand against them, undoing the spells thrown at them as they are weaved, or other, yet stranger effects. The Warlocks of the Grymkin are well-served by a player that knows their foes inside and out, the better to inflict the greatest punishment for their wicked ways!

What They Look Like

The Grymkin undeniably possess the most bizarre aesthetic of any force in Warmachine and Hordes, with units that defy military convention, the bounds of sanity, and reality itself. As such, they lend themselves well to any paint scheme – whether coated in sickening gore, shining with unholy lighting effects, or even stranger schemes such as a comic-book aesthetic to reflect their fantastical nature. When painting Grymkin, the only limit is your twisted imagination.

Key Characters

The Heretic – condemned by Menoth for his defiance in the face of subjugation, this fallen priest rages against the faiths of man. Having turned his torture in a realm of nightmares into inner strength beyond mortal ken, he now bestrides reality as a divine force. As he strides towards his goals with an army of nightmares at his back, there are few who can deny him what he seeks.

The Dreamer – trapped in a realm of nightmare, the Dreamer’s efforts spawned the dread Warbeasts that accompany Grymkin Warlocks into battle. Her warped world bleeds into reality, as those who stand in her way are ensnared in sleep, while those who fall rise again in the bizarre shapes she dreams of.

Old Witch – having wrenched the dreaded Grymkin back into reality, this weaver of fates drives forward her unknowable schemes, beholden only to her own ends. She leads them into battle as often as she does Khadoran forces of late, driving them against any whose fates must be cut short, for she knows that time is of the essence and only with her ceaseless efforts can Caen be saved.