Who They Are

Cygnar are one of the Iron Kingdoms, ruled by King Julius Raelthorne, located in the south west of Immoren. They are bordered by Cryx, the Protectorate of Menoth, and the Khadoran dominion of Llael, and fight in ceaseless battle on all sides to maintain their ideals of freedom and liberty, maintaining a large and diverse standing army to throw back their foes. Since their ruler’s recent ascent to the throne in a brutal civil war, they have taken an aggressive tack to take the fight to Khador, driving their forces out of Llaelese territory, but this push has been thrown into absolute chaos by the coming of the Infernals.

When Cygnar takes to the field, the air crackles with the lightning of storm chambers and thunders with volleys of shot and shell. As the foe is devastated by this barrage of power, Cygnaran armies charge gallantly into battle, breaking the tattered remains of formations with knightly determination.

How They Play

Cygnar generally play as a combined arms Faction – several Units and Solos have access to both ranged and melee attacks of great potency. Their Warcasters reflect this duality, with a range of options from stalwart defence, raw offence, and often a well-honed balance between the two. A canny Cygnar player will seek to delay the engagement of their foes to allow their fusillades of accurate firepower to wear them down, and then deliver a crushing knockout blow in close quarters combat to seal their victory!

What They Look Like

Cygnar models have a variety of aesthetics, ranging from the shining knights of the Storm Division, resplendent in their insulating armour, the flowing robes of the Arcane Tempest, to the hardened footsoldiers of the Trenchers, and the rounded steel plating of their sturdy Warjacks. The glow of electrical weaponry is common, presenting opportunities for lighting effects in several places. They are well-suited to a variety of painting styles and can look stunning in almost any scheme.

Key Characters

Stryker – a key figure in the first Cygnaran Civil War, also known as the Lion’s Coup, Stryker’s military rise under the former King Leto Raelthorne has been as meteoric as the growth of his considerable victory roll. Commanding the armies of Cygnar in key battles throughout the Iron Kingdoms, fighting bravely at the fore of any force he leads, the fate of Stryker and that of Cygnar are undeniably linked.

‘Siege’ Brisbane – a warrior of great prowess, Siege dismantles his foe with brutal efficiency. Fighting in the great conflict between Cygnar and the Protectorate that saw the death of Hierarch Voyle, Siege was the first person in history to crack the wall that separated the two nations with a concentrated bombardment of incredible force and duration, cementing his legend as a master of firepower.

Nemo – one of the kingdom’s greatest living inventors, Nemo has dedicated his life’s work to the improvement of his country both on the battlefield and off. From the invention of the telegraph, revolutionising military communication, to the implementation of the ubiquitous storm chamber technology present in almost all Cygnaran innovation, Nemo’s formidable mind is a force to be reckoned with.

Haley – a commander in contention for the title of most powerful arcanist in recorded history, Haley’s power is irrefutable to any unfortunate enough to face her in battle. Manipulating the power of time itself in service of her kingdom, her efforts have contributed to the destruction of one of the all-powerful Lich Lords of Cryx, as well as staving off the incursion of a mighty dragon. The true extent of her strength may not be known, but all are certain that it has yet to be reached.

Caine – a testament to the lenience afforded to the nation’s Warcasters in terms of military discipline, Caine’s legendary ill-manners, seduction of several nobles, and complete disregard for his rank are matched only by the unquestioned skill in which he channels his Gun Mage powers. Sending an endless hail of arcane firepower at the enemy, while employing every dirty trick in the book to escape the wrath of both enraged commander and desperate foe alike, Caine writes his tale in gunpowder and discarded doctrine in Cygnar and beyond.