Who They Are

The nation of Cryx is less a political entity and more a congregation of the Dragonfather Toruk’s twisted servants. This colossal entity, held in check by the uneasy cold war between himself and his ferocious children across Immoren, employs both his living and undead servants in pursuit of his goal – to farm the nations of the world as cattle for his deathless legions, that he may prevail in final conflict against his spawn. Burrowing into the vulnerable flesh of the Iron Kingdoms like a monstrous tick, the Lich Lords that command Toruk’s forces have conspired again and again to accumulate concealed power, striking from great hidden bases. Most recently, the forces of Cryx have acted to secure the lives of what they see to be their herd, by joining battle against the Infernals.

When a Cryxian force is commanded to do battle, it wages war in the most horrific ways imaginable. Those that stand against the Lich Lords find themselves drenched in acid, bedevilled by witchery, and even condemned to the awful fate of undeath, their mangled forms and tortured souls employed to fight against those they once called comrade.

How They Play

Cryx are a faction that will not hesitate to employ the dirtiest tricks. With extremely powerful Warcasters, steeped in the repositories of lore that Cryx rips from the minds of mortal arcanists, even the lowliest creation of the demented Necrotechs can be made into a threat to the most well-armoured foe. Hunting packs of nimble Warjacks speed towards the enemy, both to deliver their sickening payloads and to extend the reach of their Warcaster through a wide supply of Arc Nodes. Send your rotting hordes against the foe swiftly, and they will be crushed before they can resist!

What They Look Like

Cryx have a strong theme of corruption and death across their range of miniatures. With bone and metal unified in horrific creations, there are plenty of opportunities for those who love to paint the undead, while living forces display the tell-tale signs of the mutation that bedevils their home. Sickly, pallid flesh, bone of a vast range of quality, and baroque armour mean that any Cryxian force will go well together on the painter’s table, with the opportunity to use washes to rapidly churn out great legions of dirty and deathly warriors.

Key Characters

Deneghra – stolen away from her twin Haley on the words of a prophecy written in blood, the former Cygnaran has been raised by Asphyxious into a peerless warrior in the warwitch tradition. Beguiling her foes with artifice and sapping their strength with her crippling magics, Deneghra leaves those who face her in battle a shadow of their former selves as the armies and Warjacks under her command lay them low.

Asphyxious – formerly a Druid of the Circle Orboros, Asphyxious’ commitment to power in his former life was so great that he flung himself into a volcano to prove his devotion to Toruk. Raised from incineration, he has became one of the greatest threats the world has ever seen, endlessly conspiring to gain more and more power by any means he deems necessary, rising to total mastery over the forces of Cryx.

Skarre – a Satyxis witch feared on sea and land, Skarre leads the endless naval strength of the island of Cryx to terrorise the shipping and coast of anywhere she can reach. Employing the profane blood magic of her people to both empower her forces and accurse those who would stand against her, Skarre has drowned her enemies in their gushing vitae, and will certainly carry on reaving in service of Toruk for years to come.

Goreshade – serving none but himself, Goreshade has aligned himself with Cryx after the disastrous climax of his House’s war against the rest of Ios. Dedicated to his insane mission to cure the blight of soullessness within his nation, Goreshade has stooped to the level of becoming a deathless eldritch monstrosity, solely to live on and continue his works. Goreshade has written a tale across Immoren, and it is not over yet.

Terminus – the gigantic frame of this Lich Lord strikes fear into all who would oppose him, with his mighty blade reaping the unprotected souls of his enemies to feed his insatiable hunger. The other commander of Cryxian forces alongside Asphyxious, the two vie in endless power struggle, and while the recent destruction of Terminus’ physical form may have set him back in this conflict, it is all but guaranteed that when his soul finds a new vessel, this struggle will ignite anew.