Who They Are

The Crucible Guard are the armed wing of the formerly Llaelese institution known as the Order of the Golden Crucible. Though several of their bastions were overran by Khador in their invasion, contributing to their recent military developments, the Crucible Guard still retain the best part of their alchemical innovations and Warjack creation technologies. Their mastery over alchemical warfare is absolutely unmatched within the Iron Kingdoms, employing brutal chemical weaponry against their foes, and they have put this to work in assisting Cygnar in their fight to liberate Llael.

A foe foolish enough to assail the Crucible Guard in open battle will quickly find themselves in a deluge of munitions carrying a dizzying array of payloads. As they struggle to close the distance, the enemy will find themselves scorched, melted, gassed, and blasted, only for the shattered remnants to be dealt the coup de grace.

How They Play

An army of Crucible Guard will pack a wide-ranging toolkit of firepower to be able to react to any situation. Utilising their arsenal of chemicals, they reduce the ability of the foe to dodge and weather their shots, making them prey for yet more thundering guns, and assail them with a wide variety of ammunition. Crucible Guard Warcasters are key in supporting their armies in this, aiding the direction of these great weapons with arcane might. Victory will come only when your enemies are reduced to chemical sludge!

What They Look Like

Crucible Guard models share a theme of laboratories and alchemy. Gas masks, beakers, and tanks of unknowable liquids provide a great many opportunities for a painter to add splashes of bright colour to their chosen scheme and focus on the details, while the smooth armour plating works well with both edge highlighting and blends. Opportunities exist for unique basing, with the range being well-suited for standing on pools of glowing chemicals.

Key Characters

Lukas – the driving force of the alliance between the Crucible Guard and Cygnar, this defender of Llael has made the ultimate sacrifice for his country, taking a serum that boosts his arcane power to the heights of legend, while slowly killing him with its side effects. Lukas fights with whatever time he has left to restore the glory of the Golden Crucible, assembling the largest forces that the Crucible Guard has ever deployed.

Baldwin – as Marshal of the Crucible Guard, Baldwin is a stalwart leader of warriors, driving those who fight with him into battle with the exuberance and dogged determination he is famed for. Fighting alongside his put-upon manservant Clogg, Baldwin wields a greater array of weapons than any in Immoren, with which he rains death on whatever prey he and his Warjacks hunt.

Locke – secretly a member of the Convergence of Cyriss, Locke is one of the foremost innovators within the Crucible Guard. An afficionado of Warjack control, she pilots a powerful mechanical rig that allows her not only to repair her charges quickly and effectively, but also to fight with a strength to match anything with a cortex. Her dual loyalties have yet to do her ill, but her story is not over yet.