Who They Are

The Convergence of Cyriss is as much a bastion of scientific research as it is a cult dedicated to the Goddess of Gears. Unifying some of the greatest minds in the Iron Kingdoms in pursuit of a way to preserve the souls of the faithful in mortal forms, while also attempting to bring the object of their veneration to Caen itself. Under the leadership of their Iron Fathers and Mothers, the Convergence has slowly assembled bases across Immoren on sites of geomantic energy, building an assembly of military power that they have employed both in defence of their research and to pursue their goals in the wider world. As the Convergence have stepped onto the stage of war, they have proved the equal of any major power.

The Convergence fight with the technologies they have developed in secret over decades, bringing to bear an array of strange Warjacks with unique systems and innovative weaponry. Marching alongside them are metallic constructs piloted by the souls of the devoted, taking to the field as a shining host.

How They Play

Convergence may be slow to start, but their top-class designs can match any in Immoren for power and ferocity in battle. Convergence Warcasters are aided in battle by the unique Induction Nodes of their Warjacks, allowing power to flow between them as efficiently as clockwork, as they pit the fury of formula and forge against the foe. A leader of the Convergence will utilise the variable weaponry borne by their forces to respond effectively to any situation, and reduce the foe to dust with the greatest innovations Immoren has ever seen!

What They Look Like

The aesthetic of the Convergence is inspired by the art-deco movement. Their models display smooth, polished surfaces, curved armour, and a highly modern aesthetic, with the perfection of their robotic forms providing ample opportunities for a metallic paint scheme. However, a dizzying array of schemes are possible, with ceramic whites, smooth colours, and rusted or oily aesthetics all working well. Even a non-metallic metal scheme is possible, and when replicated across an entire army is a sight to behold.

Key Characters

Directrix – the current Iron Mother of the Convergence, Directrix is a ruthless warleader that brooks no interference with her steely control. Having shed the mortal form she was born into for a gleaming clockwork construct, she is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield and in the Iron Kingdoms as a whole, acting as a dangerous wild card in pursuit of her inscrutable goals.

Lucant – a respected figure within the Convergence, having served as an Iron Father and being an early subject of the soul transfer process after the treachery of one of his research partners almost betrayed their souls to Cryx. Lucant is committed to the protection of the souls under his care, fortifying their forms with arcane reinforcement.

Aurora – a wilful and headstrong rising star within the Convergence, Aurora chafes under the resolute refusal of her mother Directrix to grant her ascension to a clockwork form. In defiance of her wishes, Aurora has recently forged an alliance with Cryxian elements in a desperate attempt to secure safety for the people of Immoren in the face of the Infernal onslaught.