Who They Are 

The Circle Orboros are an ancient and shadowy organisation, linking several of humanity’s oldest tribes and cabals in a mystic pact to keep civilisation in check. Convinced that the rapid industrialisation and growth of the Iron Kingdoms will lead to the dread Devourer Wurm turning its eyes back towards the mortal realm, the forces of the Circle can be found at points of great natural potency, defending them against corruption and civilisation with their very lives. Stopping at absolutely nothing in pursuit of their goals, the Circle Orboros is a force to be reckoned with when in the wild places of Immoren.

The warriors of the Circle do not recognise the concept of a fair fight. Striking from all directions and passing through even the densest terrain as though it were blades of grass, one who assails the dominions of the Omnipotents are picked apart by hit-and-run strikes, then smashed apart by Warbeasts of both stone and sinew.

How They Play

The defining feature of the Circle Orboros on the tabletop is being balanced on a knife edge, for your warriors exchange the heavy armour of others for raw speed and agility. Turning the terrain against opponents, Circle Warlocks will deliver nature’s wrath, with unique terrain creation abilities that can shift the nature of the battlefield at a stroke, and the power to support warrior and Warbeast alike in delivering crippling blows. Victory will come with a thousand strokes of the blade, to prune the civilisations of man!

What They Look Like

The Circle Orboros range shares a strong visual bond through the presence of nature in all its models. Warriors don furs and wield crude weapons rather than the mass-produced rifles and swords common in formal soldiery, but are nonetheless imposing and well-armed, providing plenty of opportunities to contrast leather and fur with steel and plate. Plenty of chances to try glowing effects arise on Wold constructs and magic-wielding Druids.

Key Characters

Baldur – a shaper of stone and relative paragon of nobility and honour amongst the untrustworthy Blackclads, Baldur gives his all in defence of Immoren. Grievously wounded by Everblight’s forces, he now lives on borrowed time, the rage of the Devourer Wurm coursing through his veins as he struggles to keep it in check with painstaking ritual.

Krueger – an iconoclast within the power structures of the Circle, Krueger has bound vast swathes of the organisation to his will with an aggressive doctrine and bold leadership. He has broken taboos that even the Omnipotents would dare not defy, making direct contact with dragons in a historic first to fight against Everblight, and his actions continue to shake Immoren.

Morvahna – a weaver of the magics that control life itself, Morvahna commands the absolute loyalty of the Tharn for breaking the curse that plagued their civilisation. As a towering figure within the politics of the Circle, Morvahna can deftly weave together a force of almost any disposition, sending life magic coursing through the fallen that they may fall again and again for her goals.

Kromac – this legendary savage, once a devoted servant of Morvahna and now an avatar of the Devourer Wurm’s primal rage, has been shaping the history of Immoren with his recent actions. Having taken possession of the dreaded axe Rathrok, prophesied to bring about the apocalypse, to fall at the hands of this mutated beast is a fate all dread.

Wurmwood – this ancient and malevolent tree is one of the few beings on Caen with which even the dreaded Old Witch of Khador will bargain with as an equal. Having directed the efforts of the Circle Orboros for time immemorial, Wurmwood and its puppet vassals are a force to be reckoned with both on the battlefield and at council. Wurmwood has shaped Immoren’s fate for countless decades, and will not relinquish its power, even in the face of the Infernal onslaught.