Welcome to KnightsMachine!

Welcome to the KnightsMachine site! KnightsMachine is a community project ran by the England Knights team of Ben, Jake, James, Mark, and Paul, covering our regular KnightsCast, streaming on our Twitch at twitch.tv/knightsmachine, recorded games on our Youtube channel, and regular articles at KnightsMachine.com focused on competitive play content.

Meet the Cast


          Online Handles: Asleran, Ben, Knights Stream          Current Factions: Cryx

A noble lord among us mere peasants. Conversion projects have to be seen to be believed, and are as great in scope as the transport methods are in upsetting those who see them. 

Runs the KnightsMachine stream, and has definitely never blown it up before. Winner of GenCon Masters 2018, the only indoor tournament ever interrupted by rain. Currently on a gap year that makes a mockery of the word ‘year’.


                  Online Handles: Frog Mage                  Current Factions: Trollbloods

Literally an unknown. Existence hotly disputed by wargaming scholars. Scattered reports claim that someone with this name won Blood and Oil 2018 and Welsh Masters 2019, but they cannot be confirmed. 

If this enigmatic figure did exist, he would be renowned for his ability to barely play the game while still being upsettingly good at it, but because this makes us feel bad we just accept that he’s not real.


          Online Handles: Berry, Markleberry            Current Factions: Infernals

The ugly, ugly face of the Warmachine and Hordes community. Annoying. Switches between Factions like a normal person switches shoes.

 Writes absolutely incessantly, reflecting the old adage that those who can win games, play them, while those who can’t, make content. 

Winner of the UK Nationals 2019, because nobody knew what Infernals did. Capable of falling asleep absolutely anywhere, without warning, even mid sente-


                        Online Handles: Jake                        Current Faction: ...We'll get back to you on that.

Fearless leader of team England Knights, because we refuse to let him step down. Has a record of tournament wins as long as his regular litany of work injuries, which he takes perverse pride in dropping into our group-chats with alarming regularity. Possesses a very upsetting elbow. 

Chef extraordinaire, often pressed into making food for swathes of nerds at WTC. Has definitely never pulled anything he didn’t expect from a suitcase in a Danish airport.


                        Online Handles: Cruel Kipper                      Current Faction: Convergence of Cyriss

Newest inductee into our depraved cabal. Jank beyond measure is this man’s greatest treasure. Is very mild-mannered and has definitely never had a strong opinion on anything, and seldom graces the internet with his balanced takes. 

Has a debilitating allergy to Infernals. The only representative of Western England in the group, we tolerate him because of his roots in the correct half of the country.