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VTC Announcement

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Hello, everyone, and welcome to the official announcement of the Virtual Team Championship (VTC)! This announcement comes from the VTC committee, who, like me, were gutted when Covid meant that the real WTC had to be called off for this year. We’ve been talking over the past few weeks in order to get something put together – not a replacement, because there’s no replacing the WTC experience, but an alternative, so that if nothing else we can crown the WM/H champions of 2020! 


Currently, we are hoping to get 32 teams registered and playing in this event. Because our goal is to make sure that selected players don’t miss out this year, team spots will be first offered to the captains of all registered teams for WTC 2020. However, given the restrictions of timezones and such, we do not necessarily expect that this will fill every available slot. As such, once every captain that wants to accept this offer has done so, and submitted a team that follows WTC nationality rules, any remaining spots will be given on a first come, first served basis, with tickets allocated via the Tiebreak platform from the 4th July onward.

The price of admission per player will be $5. All remaining funds after expenses will go in a 50/50 split straight to the WTC committee, to help with the financial hit that this year has dealt to the event, and to Lars at WarTable, for his massive efforts on behalf of the community. We will make announcements to registered teams regards payment in due course.

From there, players will go through the following stages.


8th August:

• Opening of list submission via conflictchamber at 1200 CEST.

15th August

• Closing of list submission at 1200 CEST. Lists will be published the same day if at all possible.

• Maps for the event will be published on social media. 

• Discord server invite link sent to captains.

• Announcement of round 1 pairings at 1200 CEST.


The event will be played under the same rules that WTC veterans will know well by this point – teams of 5 players will compete in 5 rounds to determine the overall Virtual Champions. For those unfamiliar, a rules pack will be published at a later date. Prize support for this is TBC, but we’ll endeavour to provide whatever we can! The event will run as follows.

5th September - 11th September

• Round 1 – starts 1100 CEST 5/9/20. Teams free to schedule games as they wish, with teams notifying the organisers of when they intend to play at least 12 hours in advance.

• If a time cannot be agreed for a game, it will default to 1800 CEST on Friday 11th September.

• Round ends 2300 CEST 11/9/20.

12th September

• Announcement of Round 2 pairings – 1100 CEST.

• Round 2 – 1200 CEST to 1500 CEST.

• Round 3 – 1600 CEST to 1900 CEST.

13th September

• Round 4 – 1200 CEST to 1500 CEST.

• Round 5 – 1600 CEST to 1900 CEST.

• Announcements: 1915 CEST.

The reason that the event itself is on a specific schedule is to allow judges to be present during games. We appreciate that these times may be an issue for some, and this schedule is not necessarily fixed – we will look at times more closely when we have the final team list.

The scheduled rounds will obey the following timings:

• First 15 mins – team matchups. Submission logistics to be confirmed later, at which point this post will be updated accordingly.

• Next 15 mins – table and voice setup, list selection.

• Remainder of the round – clocks start, only to be paused if a judge is called.



The event will run via WarTable, which is the most stable platform available to us. We are looking at having custom maps made for the event, 25 in total, which will be published in advance as per the schedule. We will release these maps on WarTable on the same day that they are published for general use. Voice comms for the event will be done via a dedicated Discord server, which will be opened up to the teams as per our schedule. All games will be played using this server, so that all of the judge team has access to every voice channel in case of disputes being raised. The server will also feature a death clock, which will be used for all games unless a replacement service is available within WarTable, with a 1h15m timer per player. Teams will have until half an hour after round start to confirm pairings. Overspill on this may result in double losses once the round timer expires, so get those beep-boop matchup machines ready! Once the event is over, this server will be open to everyone to organise games and the like.

Further announcements for this event will be publicised via KnightsMachine, across all social media platforms. We also intend to stream games, ideally with commentary, and hope to have more news on that subject as soon as technical factors are resolved. We encourage other players to stream their content from the event whenever possible, because it’s always a great resource. Naturally, this presents the possibility that players will indirectly receive advice from stream games, but to be honest this potential exists in real-life Warmachine anyway, and we are willing to trust in the honour of the community. If streamers are so inclined, they will be more than welcome to send their vods to KnightsMachine, where we’ll get them hosted on our YouTube channel for people to enjoy in the future!



This has taken a lot of work to get to this point, and will take more to finish, so I’d like to personally thank more than a few people for their efforts. Firstly, the VTC committee, for picking up my spur-of-the-moment idea and making it into a viable event for the whole world to enjoy. Secondly, the LoS team and Lars of WarTable, for making a product that’s brought the whole community together and opened up the opportunity to play games in this difficult time for a lot of people. And finally, I’d like to thank our dedicated tech and judge team for the work that they’re doing in making sure that the event runs as smoothly as possible.

To finish up, we’re opening submissions for captains and additional judges now! If you want to be a part of this, please email virtualteamchampionship@gmail.com, putting Captain and the country you were selected by in the message title if you intend to form a team, and Judge in the title if you intend to volunteer as a judge for the event. Thanks everyone for reading, and we look forward to putting on the biggest virtual WM/H event ever!


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