Event Announcement: Fishcord Team League

The 2021 VTC is over, and I know that many of you are experiencing the post-event blues. Fortunately, there's another exciting event you may have seen announced today; a 3 player team tournament from our good friends in the Fishcord server!

The format is as follows. 

 The 'German' pairing process is used for round selection. The event will use a different scenario on each table; for example, Table A might have Spread the Net while Table C has King of the Hill, adding an interesting variation to the standard process! If you're not sure about how the process works, remember that the Corgi bot is there to help you - the process is fully automated thanks to the hard work of server creator Thom!

Corgi - not only does it fetch the stick, it can give you the rules to throw it too!

Teams sign up through the link below. Don't worry about filling in your lists (good ol' 2 list 75) straight away, as you can edit your entry once submitted, up to the deadline for signups of May 13th (if you're not sure how to edit your submission, ask the Fishcord team and they'll be right there to help you - those of us at the VTC know how fast they respond!).

The event starts on May 14th, and just like VTC, will be ran via the Tiebreak platform. The first round ends on the 23rd, and the second and third rounds will last a week, with pairings going up and games starting on the Monday.

As stands, the event is being ran in 'pods' to keep it to 3 rounds. One pod is already about to sell out within the day, so we strongly advise signing up fast!

We're also very happy to say that, after all the excitement of the VTC, the Knights are charging out again! Myself, Ben, James, and Paul are all planning on playing in the event (Paul was poached after his 5-0 performance at VTC, so the rest of us scrubs have to band together), and we're really looking forward to it - Fishcord events are universally of stellar quality, and it's going to be a great comeback :) See y'all across the table!

You can join Fishcord, the best server for pickup games of online WM/H, using this link.

And you can use this link to sign up for this fantastic event!

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