Big KnightsMachine and VTC News!

We're just a few hours away from two days of VTC action, after some major upsets in the first round that have taken all bets off the table! To add to the excitement, I have a bunch of really sweet things to talk about this evening that I've been working on in the background. Some of these are KnightsMachine related, some of these pertain to the VTC, and all of them are pretty hype - so let's get into it! 

First up, KnightsMachine and the VTC are now both sponsored by Black Penny Games and Infernal Forge! They've been extremely supportive of us for a very long time, which we're very grateful for, and we are very proud to be making our relationship official going forward. We're also pleased to announce that they're going to be providing prize support for the VTC, with 25EUR vouchers for each member of the winning team, and free shipping! You'll be seeing promotions for them going up across the site and beyond in the very near future, which leads me onto my next topic...

KnightsCast is coming back! Paul and I have been hard at work, with 4 episodes in editing at the time of writing - they've been held back a little for a few reasons, including all the work associated with the VTC and my refusal to listen to my own voice, but also so we could make sure that the Black Penny/Infernal Forge sponsorship was prominently featured. They're our friends and we're going to be representing them well :) You'll be seeing them go up likely within the next couple days, if not the same day this article goes up. And in order to make those casts, as well as all our other content, easier to find... is getting a facelift (again)! We're painfully aware of how rough-and-ready the site is; fixing it has been low down the list of priorities due to articles not being a regular thing, but now that we're slowly getting towards regular daily publications, it's long past time that we fix things up. The site is going to get much easier to navigate over the next few days, as well as, again, prominently displaying our sponsors, who've helped us with all this immeasurably. And one of the nice things it'll be showing off is...

A whole bunch of new podcast friends! That's right, we're finally getting the whole hosting thing off the ground, and friends of the team will be part of the KnightsMachine media feed from now on. To start with, we're proud to be joined by Dark Guidance, Fully Boosted, and Trollblood Scrum - if you're interested in having us host your podcast, just reach out to me :)

Another neat thing we're going to be putting up are our guest articles! We've got a few in the tank that will be going up once we're in a regular habit of putting up content (read: when I finally get into a routine of just writing every day), which you'll see go up alongside our regular content schedule. We're blessed with a ton of friends willing to sit down and write stuff for us, and it's going to be great for them to get their time in the sun :)

Meanwhile, on the VTC front, the KnightsMachine stream will be live for the weekend, including the return of Ben! We'll be covering rounds 2 through 5 in the same way as the last time. Again, the stream is supported by Black Penny Games and Infernal Forge, and will be when it returns on a regular basis in the future!

Finally, we've also contracted with friend of the cast Mike Sherlock to provide some additional prize support, in the form of very nice trophies! He's done some fantastic work to very tight deadlines, and we're really appreciative. There's going to be full sets of 5, in sparkly gold, silver, and bronze, for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams (no 3th, that is ours and ours alone), as well as a sparkly pink set for the Most Sporting team - you can see some WIP images of the 1st and Most Sporting trophies below :) We'll be sending them all out after the VTC is over, and we thoroughly recommend him if you want some trophies made for your own events!

Pink was my choice, and it was the right one.

That's a lot of stuff in the pipeline (and this is only the stuff I can currently talk about, we have some *extremely* exciting plans currently in the works involving a certain hardworking bot and a project that's been quiet for a while), but for now, I just want to give a massive thanks to everyone who's supported us while we've been so quiet for so long, especially Black Penny and Infernal Forge - we're absolutely committed to delivering, and trust me, the best is yet to come <3

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