Regna Gravnoy - User Guide

Regna Gravnoy User Guide

So as the next step in my eternal quest to avoid writing about the Flame in the Darkness matchup (which I promise I’ll be doing, it’s just a lengthy topic!), I got a suggestion to write an article about Regna ’s summoning choices, and generally what she tends to do turn by turn. I’m of the opinion that she’s one of the most interesting solo choices in the game, and that the way you play her in addition to the value that she generates is demonstrably linked to how deep your understanding of how to win some of the harder matchups that the faction has.

Essence borrowed, Essence new. Sacrifice the old, Summons BLAU


So, in the jam of solos that is a typical Infernal deployment, I’m usually not too fussed about where Regna goes, other than in matchups where I want to Summon a Foreboder , but I’ll get to those later. Basically, my priorities are that Hermit will be able to give me Essence with Word of Ruin, I’ll be near enough to my Master that I’ll be able to give them Essence with Hermit as well, I’ll be within 8” of the Gate for Infernal Portal (which is pretty easy, but you only need to forget once to make a note of it forever), and, if I intend to summon a Shrieker or Lamenter , I’d like to be near to my Cultists in order to load it up with Essence early on.

Turn 1 Measurements/Decisions

I’m usually going first, and if I’m playing against any serious gunline I’m likely playing Zaateroth , so with Long Shadows reducing range it’s not often that I actually have to cast Deceleration on turn 1 these days, so I don’t really position with it in mind, but with most models in a typical Dark Legacy list being around the SPD5-6 mark, it doesn’t really make a huge difference to how easy it is to catch everything within 10” of her unless you go for a very aggressive turn 1 Summon, which is a play that I tend to only make quite rarely anyway as it messes with your Essence economy a bit (and unsupported pushes with Infernals tend to be a bad idea over the long run anyway, so there’s not much point having, say, a heavy halfway up the board and under Deceleration if it’s not really going to help you win the game… but that’s for sure a topic that I’ll cover when I do an article on typical Infernal openings). Naturally, this calculation changes if I lose the roll-off or elect to go second, which does occasionally happen, so you should generally be sure to have a Cultist within 10” to Sacrifice if you need to spend 5 Essence on a Summon + Deceleration turn. Fortunately, even if she does end up having to blow through most of her Essence stack, because of the aforementioned relatively low SPD of the faction in competitive Dark Legacy builds it’s easy to keep her back far enough that she isn’t under major pressure in the beginning of the game, while still buffing the pieces that you need her to do and making extra resources for you in the form of her Horror. Overall, it’s pretty hard to majorly mess up with Regna’s positioning and plays on Turn 1, except for Summoning, which we’ll come to now.

Yes, I made the options correspond in order of seniority, because why not

Turn 1 Summon

So Regna ’s Turn 1 Summon is a. really important, and b. usually really good. It’s basically the one place in the faction where you want to Summon something that isn’t a heavy Horror outside of incredibly niche circumstances (I went back and checked my game stats, and my Master has only ever summoned a Horror that wasn’t a heavy in 1% of my games – and all of those were relatively early on in my time playing Infernals, when I was somehow even worse at this game than I am now), and because it’s effectively much ‘cheaper’ than the cost you pay to summon with your Master, it’s usually going to make a decent return on your investment. It’s hard to really go wrong with two of the typical Summon choices, namely the Shrieker and the Foreboder , but I have some pretty harsh words to say about the Lamenter .

Summoning a Shrieker

That feel when the author puts you first in the article, then spends like a million words later loving the Foreboder more

It’s hard to get a bad activation out of a Shrieker , honestly, and this is reflected in the amount of matchups that you can choose to Summon one in without it being a bad decision. Between a gun that’s good into both light infantry and harder targets because of POW13 base and Admonisher, especially when debuffs such as Withering Death from the Desolator are applied, the ability to Power Attack Slam (which is a really good play to just throw a light Horror away for, providing a Knockdown and zone-clearing option in Infernals that isn’t hugely common outside of the Tormentor ’s Chain Attack: Grab and Smash), the ever-annoying Wailing­ ability that can make a Shrieker  that runs to contest a real problem for spell-heavy lists or stop an entire unit from getting a vital Press Forward order against your more important pieces, and a decent statline that takes the buffs available to it in-Faction very well relative to the things that you expect to be able to get to it (with it being a ranged Horror, and therefore staying relatively far back – meaning that most retaliation comes in the form of other guns and maybe the odd random spell – you’re not really trying to shrug off, like, a charging heavy Warjack), I’d call it one of the better Horrors in the faction.

It’s the only non-heavy Horror that I’ve ever Summoned with a Master, mostly because of this jack-of-all-trades nature, and as a Summon for Regna in the early turns of a game where you’re not really sure how things are going to go, it’s a nice safe option. If you’re relatively new to Infernals or playing them casually and not investing a super huge amount of mental energy in playing the faction competitively, but want to avoid feelsbad moments, the most brain-off play I can recommend for Regna is just Summoning a Shrieker , keeping it fuelled up, casting Deceleration every turn, and Sacrificing a Cultist every turn so that you’re nice and full of Essence in case you make a positioning mistake and need to transfer some damage.

In the majority of turns, all the Shrieker really needs to do in any given set of activations is shoot its gun at something – anything, really, given what we said earlier about how it’s good into most targets – and spend its Essence on boosts accordingly (basically, you boost to hit against pretty much everything unless you have a real Essence economy problem, as the Shrieker plays far back enough to be easy to refuel after activating, and you don’t want to have to waste a Puppet Master or a Knowledge of the Damned reroll on such a small activation), so if you’re shooting light infantry you don’t boost damage, and on harder targets and most solos you do boost just to be sure that you get some chip off consistently, or remove those solos without having to burn a reroll if, say, you don’t get a 7.

‘We’re asking for an investment of two of your rerolls in exchange for a projected four dead Legion of Lost Souls

That said, it’s easy to get some really big value out of the Shrieker if you know how to use it wisely. The two main ways of getting more out of its activations are working out when to just run it at things, and when to use it to try and do a cheeky zone clear with a Power Attack: Slam. Both of those require a bit of experience and use of best judgement to get correct use out of, because fundamentally this is a shooting Horror and the majority of its activations get best value out of just shooting. However, in a situation where your opponent might struggle to clear a Shrieker out of a situation of close proximity to their models without doing it in melee, the run- Wailing play is one that can generate real value, as your opponent has to make contingency plans based on how many models it’s going to take them to clear this Shrieker out of the way. When they have to do it without access to Tactician or Flight, and thus have to consider whether they’re going to block their own way – and especially if you can do anything to make that Shrieker more annoying, like applying Locked Horns for that little bit of extra resiliency or Zaateroth ’s Feat to make it a risk not to use high-value or boostable attacks to try and kill it – you can make your opponent’s turns revolve inordinately around this one little model that’s messing up their whole plan, because if they fail, the consequences are pretty big.

As for using Slams, I often find that I’m not really angling for it for a while, but sometimes I need to get some tanky target away from my zone or flag, in such a way that I can score it, and I usually want to do so on the scenario elements on my side of the board, so my opponents’ models are typically just toeing a small portion of their base in – and in those cases, being able to just go ‘get outta here’ without having to rely on both hitting and damaging is really valuable. Like, I may not be able to kill a heavy that’s squatting in my rectangle on Spread the Net, but if I can Slam it out with a Shrieker , then whatever trades my opponent has been setting up based on me committing actual relevant resources to that heavy are pretty much null and void, because instead of giving them 1-2 heavies in exchange for staying alive on scenario, I’ve instead only given them a little Shrieker that I can just make a new one of in my next turn, at the cost of not being able to shoot in its Combat Action.

Weaknesses of the Shrieker Summon (Shrieknesses?)

Now, both of these plays have one little problem attached to them – namely, the fact that it usually takes them well out of Regna ’s control range. That isn’t necessarily an issue in the majority of situations, because you can just have Regna go somewhere safe and wait out her Transfer target-less period while the Shrieker gets brutally silenced by your opponent, but sometimes you’ll be under threat regardless. As such, making those cheeky plays with it is very much a judgement call that you should make with experience, and be prepared for it to blow up in your face sometimes – the nature of Infernals as a faction very focused on perfect individual activations makes the odd mistake or dice issue pretty much inevitable. Getting the balance right of standard Shrieker plays to pulling stuff out your back pocket will come with time.

This happened depressingly often before I just stopped using Shriekers.

The other problem that the Shrieker has is that while it’s just a sort of generically good model in terms of what it does, it’s vulnerable to a very large variety of generic solutions. As a non-spray gun, in a faction where the majority of shooting comes from your Desolators , it can sometimes be vulnerable to being the only trigger for your opponent’s Shield Guards, and thus getting its shots sent somewhere where they won’t achieve a great deal. It’s also a gun, so as stands it’s vulnerable to the proliferation of anti-ranged tech available in the game, such as Windstorm, Deceleration, and the like, and unlike all of our other Horrors the Magnate decided not to give it Eyeless Sight, so while you can still ignore Stealth with True Sight, all those eyes mean that Concealment can make hitting a slightly more risky proposition on models with reasonable DEF (I don’t understand why more eyes means less accuracy either, but this is a game where a tree can turn into a pirate, so I can’t question it too hard). Sometimes, the D3 on Admonisher will just have a sad day as well, and your gambles on how many infantry models you expect to take off just won’t pay off, or maybe it will but your opponent will position around the bounces much like one can position around Electro Leap, by putting tougher models nearer to the weaker ones to soak up the POW10s.

Finally, because it’s usually spending Essence every turn, it can start to be a real drain on your limited resources as you go, and as Regna goes longer into the game you may have to make some really hard decisions in order to keep it contributing. Basically, while Regna can for sure slam down a Shrieker in every game and not go too far wrong, if you’re trying to play competitively and you’re playing into people with experience into Infernals, you’re going to notice that it doesn’t get quite the same results unless you play a tad riskier with it in some situations. I’d say that it’s a nice compromise piece in matchups that you’re not sure about – when in doubt, just slam one down, and see what you can do with it.

The Lamenter’s Lament

When you make it in 28mm scale, it is indeed the world’s smallest violin. Poor little Lamenter .

Okay so I won’t dissemble here – I think that the Lamenter is not a very good model in general and not a very good Summon for Regna . I’m aware that some will disagree with me, so I’d like to lay out why I think this (and likewise, if you do disagree, feel free to leave a comment in the various places I’ll be posting this on FB, as I’ll be happy to hear the reasoning). Firstly, we have the standard problem of being a melee light on a 10” control range. Melee lights in this game tend not to be very good pieces unless they’re very cheap for what they do, help things nearby, or are arc nodes. The Lamenter is cheap in terms of the resources that you pay for it, for sure, but I would argue that the opportunity cost of not having a Shrieker (or better yet, a Foreboder , but we’ll get to that) means that on a purely value based calculus the Lamenter doesn’t really perform. Its low base P+S, the fact that if it goes off and gets aggressive it isn’t acting as a transfer target for Regna , the conditionality attached to its defensive tech in the form of Soul Parasites and Dodge (basically, on any given turn, you want it to be getting hit by models with souls, which already rules out a lot of the game, and then by models with souls that can realistically miss it so that you can trigger Dodge, which rules out even more models outside of low-odds situation), and its relative fragility for wanting to be pretty close to things making melee attacks overall makes it an unappealing option on the whole. About the only thing it has going for it is Flight, and because a brave beautiful somebody is going to write a guide to how to play around terrain with Infernals next week, you’re not really going to need that a great deal ( unless Ben gets his way, and you have to navigate a Forest of Flags in SR2020). If it wants to do major work in melee, it’s also burning Essence like no tomorrow, but because it’s doing so in melee it’s likely not getting that from Cultists or Hermit , requiring Regna to allocate, which creates a real drain on resources if you want to use it as anything more than just a fire-and-forget annoyance missile (which, as we’ve discussed, the Shrieker is a fair bit better at).

However, with Infernals, I’ve learned that you should never say never, so we’re going to have a little talk about the situations in which Regna might want to make one. The most common of these is if you’re playing Zaateroth , and the table allows you to get a spot where you can ram your entire heavy Horror brick up into somewhere where your opponent is going to have to attack you under Soul Parasites on your feat turn. The little extra effective DEF that this gives you can sometimes mean that you get a couple more misses… but having the Lamenter so close to your models can often block the landing zone for your Feat places, so it requires you to be pretty careful. Likewise, at a fundamental level, sometimes you can just run a Lamenter at people to be a debuff bot – I’ve done that at a few times, most recently to mess up a Siege1 player’s feat turn. It wasn’t really a good play, because Siege had good ways of clearing it off (without the in melee bonus, it’s pretty easy to remove a DEF13/ARM14 light at range when it’s ran well out of Deceleration), but it made my opponent think and burn a bit of clock, and maybe if the matchup and terrain had been more forgiving it might have been a thing? If you can feat on the Lamenter and do this to a gunline list (a gunline list that is composed of living models with souls, which is pretty rare to be perfectly honest, but stranger things have happened in the competitive meta before), then it has the potential to be annoying as they try and unpick this high-DEF light that moves 5” every time you miss it.

Personally, I think that the series went downhill after For Your Eyeless Sight Only…

Overall, though, the Lamenter ’s a really niche pick in my opinion. It has a lot of traits typical of ‘bad models’ in the competitive scene – mediocre stats, conditional rules, and not really doing its job particularly well. While it can sometimes get use, it’s a rare situation where I actually want to make one with Regna , and I can’t think of a competitively relevant matchup where I really want its suite of abilities.

Oblivion Removed My Hill To Die On, But If They Still Existed It Would Be That The Foreboder Is The Best Horror In The Faction

It’s mathematically possible, look it up!

Okay, that’s a bold-ass statement right there, but I’m going to go on a brief tangent (don’t worry, we’ll bring it back to Regna !) where I actually going to stick up for it against the hordes of angry people telling me that the Tormentor or Desolator (and like the three people who think it’s the Soul Stalker ) are the best Horror. Basically, I think that the Foreboder is, unlike every other Horror in the faction, perfectly optimised for its role. What you have to do is ignore the Psycho Static and Phase Shift rules, which are extremely niche at the best of times, and focus on the fundamentals – it’s extremely cheap in terms of the resources that it takes to manage, needing a mere one Essence a turn that can be easily provided by Hermit , and is literally free to summon because of the Gate ’s Infernal Portal rule. If the front and back of the Foreboder ’s card were just completely blank and they changed its name to Blob , it would still be a viable summon on the basis of being a costless battery to soak transfer damage – a play that I’ve done more than once when Regna ’s current Horror gets damaged beyond viable repair is to kill it with one of my own models and summon a Foreboder to replace it, purely so that I have a lot of boxes to transfer to, and it doesn’t cost me a penny of Essence! Likewise, if I ever absolutely need to score, say, my own rectangular zone on Bunkers or Spread the Net, but I’m forced to move all of my work-doing models out of it, I can just make a Foreboder and pop it in that zone. Basically, if you have a job that needs the bare minimum of a Horror in order to do it with, the Foreboder is an incredibly cheap and efficient way of filling that role, in a way that most other factions don’t really have access to – you could make an argument about the Spawning Vessel in Legion, but even that’s not quite as efficient as Regna ’s Foreboder .

The three people reading this who get BLAU jokes are having a field day. (thanks Meme Archon from Discord for the image improvement!)

But the thing is, even though what I’ve listed above – that is, the hypothetical world where the Foreboder is just a blank-carded Blob – would be enough to justify talking about the Foreboder as an option in any given list, it has a little rule on its card called Channeler; you may have heard of it. And oh wow, oh heckin’ wow, is the Foreboder good at this job. First off, it’s base DEF13. Stick it in some cover or a forest and you can have a realistic shot at avoiding most uninvested shooting. Second off, it has Flight, which unlike on the Lamenter is an AMAZING rule in this case, because as a much more throwaway and disposable piece when it’s on Regna , you’re absolutely fine with sending it way up the board, we want it to be as mobile as possible, and Flight is arguably the best rule to make it so (especially in a faction that has multiple Masters with ways to make it Ghostly, so that it can fly over things while merrily avoiding their feeble free strikes. This little blob can get to places that clunky Warjack nodes just can’t, and deliver the quality offensive spells that the faction, and for our purposes Regna , has access to. Thirdly, it’s SPD6, which is just fundamentally a good SPD to be; you can Summon one with Regna after she walks 6”, have it walk another 6”, and then threaten a further 20”-22” from its end position, before we even include doing things with Gate of Worlds. Finally, it joins our other non- Shrieker Horrors in having Eyeless Sight, meaning that it gets to ignore cloud effects for line of sight purposes while Channeling spells, which opens up even more of the table to Regna ’s offensive toolkit. Looking at top of turn 2, if Regna started at the deployment line you’re threatening an extremely large area of the board, which I’ve helpfully illustrated visually on a few scenarios below. The Foreboder has simple jobs, which it has the perfect numbers and abilities for, and thus does them extremely well.

This is threat ranges with no use of the Gate – the Foreboder ’s kind of an exception to the aggro early Horror talk earlier, pushing it up the board can make the Top 2 threat ranges really intimidating.

So I’ve waxed lyrical there about how this Horror is amazing with Regna , because of how it interacts with the resource economy that we have and how well it does its job of Channeling Regna ’s spells. However, this raises the question of whether Regna ’s spells are really worth using outside of Deceleration – after all, they’re high cost, she’s ESS5, and besides, offensive spells that are so inaccurate tend to doom the model that wants to use them, right?

The Venn Diagram of Warmachine players and people besides me who get these jokes looks a bit like the zones on Anarchy.

Regna’s Spell List; For Players Who Like To Live Dangerously

I’m gonna start with the easy one, most because I’ve been typing for like 3 hours straight now and I’m starting to get a headache. Hellfire is really good, yo.

Frollo gets it.

It’s effectively what Regna has instead of a boostable Hand Cannon, like Cygnar’s Journeyman Warcaster . It eats up a lot of her Essence stack to cast, but for what you spend, you get a really well-statted nuke spell, with two neat effects – ignoring Tough, which outside of Wretches that you tend to Sacrifice pretty early on anyway and Runewood2 ’s randomly Grievous Wounds sword we don’t really have a great way to get around, is just a nice effect to have, but the really tasty side effect is a Removed From Play effect that triggers on boxed and doesn’t care whether you’re a living model or not, which can randomly be nice into things like Abidan the Keeper in Zaal2 to stop him recurring, or, if you’ve been reading Paul’s recent article on Convergence units, to keep those S-tier Perforators in the ground where they belong. It’s not uncommon to have in faction, with both Orin2 ’s Annihilation and Agathon ’s Hellmouth sharing this trait, but it’s got the highest POW of all of them and it’s also the easiest to apply without burning a lot of your Master’s Essence stack or exposing a key Marked Soul. Basically, the way to think about it is as a gun for the Foreboder , which you can make a direct comparison to with the Shrieker ’s gun. We trade RAT6, Admonisher, and True Sight for a lesser version of the latter that lets us ignore clouds only, ESS5, and the no- Tough and Removed From Play effects. I’d call that a fair trade, and then when you look at the resources that the Shrieker needs to do as much as Regna does, and where it and your other pieces need to be for stuff like Orin2 ’s Knowledge of the Damned (basically, Regna can stay much further back while ‘shooting’ than the Shrieker can, so it’s easier to keep her within 8” of Orin2 to benefit from the rerolls while keeping him safe), it’s much more of an even fight than you’d think. The problem, though, is that if Regna is doing this turn by turn, then she’s not realistically casting Deceleration. While this is fine in a lot more matchups than you would think, sometimes it’s just not what we want to do, and we should step off our Foreboder hype train for a second just to consider that. However, before we start taking unappreciative looks at the matchup tradeoffs between Hellfire and Deceleration, there’s one more reason to take a Foreboder

The Infernals marketing division reacts quickly to the new meta.

That’s right, it’s the spell that no serious appraisal of Regna should ever ignore, Dark Seduction. This is the best spell on an already very good card. Being able to take control of your opponent’s models is a very powerful ability that in most factions used to be confined to a couple of ‘casters, and we have access to it in every list. I could write a whole article about the many uses of this spell, but I’m going to try and touch on them here.

  • Taking your opponent’s big melee solo, like Hakaar the Destroyer or a Champion of the Order of the Wall , and walking them somewhere where your heavies can take them to pieces at your leisure, while getting them to hit something your opponent cares about with their beefy attacks.
  • Walking a key Unit Leader or Officer so that the rest of their unit is miles out of formation and gets to do pretty much nothing next turn.
  • Walking a support solo that wants to be able to apply its ability to key models – for example, putting Guidance on a combat piece to get around your Anathema cloud from a Summoned Desolator – out of range to apply it next turn
  • Dark Seducing Asphyious4 , who’s been Feated on by Skarre1 , into the back of Skarre1 , and then killing Skarre1 through her Feat and a Focus… (too soon)
  • Moving your opponent’s carefully positioned models out of the way of the blocking they’ve set up for your Agathon assassination run
  • Walking one random Trooper model out of formation so that their entire unit stops scoring a circular zone
  • Lining up a random idiot for a perfect Power Attack: Slam or Throw to knock down a key model
  • Using some of your opponent’s rules in hilariously fun and creative ways, like Slamming their own models with Trancers , applying a cheeky Grievous Wounds to their crippled Warjack with Maxwell Finn , Consuming your opponent’s Hermit of Henge Hold with their own Baron Tonguelick

And that’s just the things that I’ve done (or had done to me, rip) lately. This spell is really good. It’s one of the best things in the faction. It is worth Summoning a Foreboder in so many matchups on Turn 1 just so that you can use that big node threat to pressure with it. What balances it is the chance of missing with ESS5, which you should commit resources to mitigating against (which sucks them away from other places, and I know that that sucks, but as you get good at using this spell it’ll be worth it), and the fact that, again, we’re losing out on Deceleration in the majority of turns where we cast this (unless we don’t boost, which is a niche situation but one that you can potentially risk if the rewards are great enough – again, never say never with Infernals). You’ll almost always feel like you’re not making use of the full potential of Dark Seduction in your games, especially when you first start using it, but trust me, once you get the hang of it, you’ll instantly be on a pretty high level with the faction and get a lot of wins in.

Also, Regna Has Other Stuff On Her Card, I Guess

Wow, we’re at nearly 5k words (before I edit this -Ed.) and we haven’t even touched half of the back of Regna ’s card yet! The good news is that this’ll be fairly short, because it’s fairly niche. The majority of the time, you’re not actually putting her in melee, so her Blood Boon and Poison on her Dagger, while flavourful, are one of those things that goes off but rarely (although it’ll make you very happy when it happens, because Regna getting to cast one of her spells for free is wonderful). Realistically, the main place for her to display her melee might is in killing your own Cultists for rerolls, which she’s quite good at, as her exact positioning is relatively less important than that of your other Marked Souls. Speaking of which, she’s one of those too, which seems like it’s almost never going to come up, because why would you sacrifice this absolute value engine?! But believe it or not, there have come times in several of my games where Regna actually goes away fairly early – like, turn 3 or 4 early. It basically comes down to the same calculus as for any other Marked Soul, which I’ve been asked to write about in more detail anyway, and will soon, but for now we’ll just say it comes down to immediate battlefield importance. You’re not really planning for the late game in most situations because you’re an Infernals player and once you get there it’s usually with enough resources to brute force through your opponent’s remaining models anyway, so your immediate priority is keeping the solos that make you relevant and able to hang in the game until that point and Sacrificing the others. And, sometimes, that’s just not Regna – maybe you absolutely need Arcane Vortex, or you can’t afford to lose the Wretch ’s Entropic Force. At those points, once you’ve burned through your easy choices for Summoning in the early turns, there are times where you legitimately start looking at Regna and thinking ‘mmm, tasty soul’ (if you actually start looking at your models and thinking that they’re tasty, please seek the help of a professional -Ed.)

To be fair, if the ironic punishment was being fed all the souls in the world, Agathon would take it

Regna’s Turn-By-Turn, Finally

Odd of us to be finishing with what was supposed to be the main thrust of the article, but sometimes writing long takes be like that. I’ve covered most of what I think that Regna should be doing, but for a complex faction like Infernals especially, sometimes it helps to just have things broken down into a simple set of rules to follow.

  • If they have guns, probably cast Deceleration a lot (duh). It’s a drain on your Essence, so you should plan your economy around Sacrificing your Cultists with Regna for the most part, and your Master taking Essence from their health. You should probably Summon a Foreboder in these cases, because it’s cheap to maintain and keeps your options open, unless…
  • They’ve got a lot of chaff infantry that would be target practice for a Shrieker , in which case, make one, and keep it close to Regna so that Hermit can help them both out at the same time.
  • If they don’t have a lot of guns, and do have high value targets that would benefit from a good Dark Seduction, make a Foreboder and play aggro.
  • Make sure Regna ’s in a decent position to do make-work if you have to. She’s no Valin Hauke in terms of resiliency, but if terrain allows, she’s one of the more forgiving Marked Souls to put on a flag, and as previously mentioned she’s pretty good at killing Cultists herself for those sweet, sweet souls (STOP THINKING ABOUT EATING THE MODELS -Ed.)
  • Don’t be afraid to use Leeching to get Essence if you need as many Cultists as you can get – I often cut her down to 1 box in the early turns of a game when I think that I can keep her safe, which is in most games, so that I don’t have to Sacrifice any of Orin2’s unit and lose those Knowledge of the Damned rerolls. If all else fails, remember that as of the time this article was published, you can *technically* still Sacrifice things like your Gate and the objective for Essence, because *technically* they have a Soul… (but it absolutely shouldn’t work like that and hopefully already doesn’t and I’ve just missed a ruling)
  • Don’t use her to Summon with your Master unless you have to, but don’t be afraid to do it if the other Marked Souls are too high-value to lose.
  • Oh, one other random thing, your Objective choice should kind of be keyed to her a bit. While Stockpile still exists (roll on SR2020), it’s nice to have her just heal D3 damage ever turn, making Leeching a viable long-term solution for her Essence, but I personally think that there’s value in taking Observatory, just because it means that her Dark Seduction can ignore everything between Eyeless Sight on her and the Foreboder you’re presumably Channelling it through.
  • Finally, if the chips are down and you really need to do some work to stay in the game, throw Regna into melee. With the various debuffs that we have access to, her ability to buy attacks and boost combined with Poison and a nifty MAT6 makes her a respectable-ish combat solo in times of absolute desperation – just don’t expect her to survive this unless it wins you the game.

Tomasz generously provided the perfect summary.

And that’s pretty much everything that I wanted to cover with Regna today! I’m sure that there’ll be things that I’ve missed out – after all, I’ve been typing for like 4 hours straight now, and that can scramble the brain a bit – but if needed I’ll happily schedule a followup article on anything that you think I may have missed, which you can tell me about in the comments or in a message to our Facebook page. Also, please please please if you have anything that you would like to hear more about regards Infernals, let me know and I’ll have a think about whether to take it further in a future article (or you can back us at Tier 4 on Patreon, at which point you can force me to do it, with the power of hosting cost funding). I have a few articles planned for the faction, but I’m always happy to hear more from the community, because at the end of the day I want these articles to be useful to people. Until next time!

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