Infernals Early

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Agathon Pt. III - Survival Guide

Agathon Survival Guide 3

Okay, we’re finally there. We’re blocking those spells like a boss, we’re laughing at those heavies as they struggle to wade through terrain. The Infernals player is getting desperate now. You can see...

Agathon Pt. II - Survival Guide

Agathon Survival Guide 2

Okay, so you’ve read last week’s guide to avoiding Agathon’s notorious spell assassination. You strut back to the table,...

Agathon Pt. I - Survival Guide

Agathon Survival Guide 1

So, it’s your first time into Infernals, and you foolishly asked to ‘learn the hard way’ when your opponent asked how you wanted to play the game. They put down a spindly-looking creature who...

Turn 4 [W]infernals

Turn 4 [W]infernals

I got asked over on Discord about a statement I’d made… somewhere, I can’t remember where, when I claimed that Infernals were a Turn 4 faction. I elaborated a bit on my reasoning behind that in there, but I wanted to try and make a full explanation of what I meant without going too long (because this article could very easily turn into Infernals 101, and that’s a topic that I want to approach with the depth that it deserves)