VTC Winners!

The VTC is done! The biggest online event in WMH history is in the books, and we can announce that the winners were team All Gas No Brakes! Hearty congratulations to them for making it through a very tough field. The final standings can be found here. Look to hear a lot more about the event in the coming days, with battle reports from Round 1, a breakdown of the massive amount of data that we've collected, commentary from those present, and much more. Now that the VTC is over, we'll finally be getting back to publishing regular content later this week, with a slew of articles incoming including coverage of the upcoming CID, and the return of KnightsCast with a review of all the VTC lists! (complete with retroactive proof that I was right about Portugal Primalux and am in fact a tournament oracle). It's been a long journey back after the site going to hell after our move, but after delay after delay (and coming out, which really didn't help with my workload!) we are finally in a position to fix our layout, and get back to providing the endless waves of internet trash that you know and love.

The full range of awards is as follows.

First Place and Event Champions

As mentioned, our Champions are All Gas No Brakes! They overcame a very tough field to make cut and then win the event, playing against South Africa Tokoloshe, USA Mollywhoppers, Canada Goose, and Canada Beaver.

Second Place: Canada Goose

Taking a hard-fought Second Place are Canada Goose!

Third Place: Sweden Böp Båp

In an honourable podium finish for Third Place, we have Sweden Böp Båp!

Painting Award: Daniel Bergström, Sweden Böp Båp

Our Painting Award goes to Daniel Bergström for this lovely Artificer Prime Nemo conversion! 

Artificer Prime Nemo, Daniel Bergström

The Judges' Award for Most Sporting Player goes jointly to Paul Watson of England Lions and Chris Daker of England Powerfist, for excellent conduct above and beyond throughout all games!

Judge's Choice, Most Sporting Player - Paul Watson of England Lions

Judge's Choice, Most Sporting Player - Chris Daker of England Powerfist

The final award is for Most Sporting Team, as voted by the players, and is another tie between South Africa Tokoloshe and Belgium Lich, Please! Congratulations to everyone who participated and our award winners. Again, the final standings are here. Remember, we calculated them with Player Wins before Strength of Schedule as the tiebreaker, and All Gas got first due to winning in the cut :)

Player's Choice, Most Sporting Team - South Africa Tokoloshe

Player's Choice, Most Sporting Team - Belgium Lich, Please

Before we wrap up and take a long rest, I would like to thank the VTC Committee - that's Klaas, Tomasz, Thom, Ryan, Zosia, Johan, Barry, Szymon, and Ben for all of their help in getting the event started. I would also like to thank our Judges Thom, Barry, Seth, Dave, Ryan, Dean, and Ben for maintaining high standards in a complex event, and responding to calls in-game with lightning speed. I would like to thank WarTable and the WTC for their support, and the funds raised to support them both from the event tickets will be going to them soon. Then there's our streaming buddies and commentators, including Fishcord, Blight Bringers, and Tacolicious, for making the VTC the most streamed event in WMH history. Finally, I would like to thank the teams for taking a chance on a big vision for an event, and helping it all to pay off in the end - we couldn't have done it without you. Congratulations all, and to all a good sleep!

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