VTC Update, 8th August 2020

Short and sweet, what a combo! It’s a bit of a late one, for sure, but we’ve been very hard at work getting the final stages ready. Without further ado, here’s the last update before lists go live! 

#1: Format

Due to some unfortunate last-minute drops caused by outside factors, we may be in a situation where we end up with only one undefeated team by the end of round 4. To avoid this, we will be taking a top 4 at the end of round 3, using TPs, then total wins, then SOS, then CPs, then APs to determine this. These teams will compete for first place, and filter back into the full standings if they lose (much like the Welsh Masters does).

#2: Organisation Proceeds!

We’re getting teams onto our Discord server, which will be opened up for community use after the event. We’re also taking payments, and as planned will be splitting the revenues between supporting the WTC and Lars at WarTable. And most excitingly of all, lists are being submitted, and will hopefully be released to the public this weekend! Look for a lot of KnightsMachine content going through them once they’re out.

#3: Judge policy is live!

It’s at this link for now, but will be part of the packs we make available to all players when lists are all in. While we've provisionally locked everything in, it's subject to change until then, so be sure to reread them when they're out! Of note – Legion CID and unreleased RiotQuest models won’t be available at this tournament, and conversions must be approved by a Judge in advance (although I can’t see them getting too many requests…).

#4: VTC maps are now live!

Thanks to our work with Lars, we’ve now got all the maps for VTC into WarTable for you to start playing with! We’re a bit late to announcing this, mostly because I’ve been recovering from our 24 hour stream in which we showed a few off. By week’s end, you’ll be able to request them via Shipmate. There's an occasional glitch we're aware of when objectives and such don't show, just load the scenario again and they'll appear. One of my sneaky helpers has left a cheeky Syvestro hanging around on some of them, so stay sharp until we get that fixed! The order in which they’ll be played is as follows:

Round 1: Invasion

Round 2: King of the Hill

Round 3: Bunkers

Round 4: Recon 2

Round 5: Spread the Net

You can play these maps in WarTable right now, and we strongly encourage you to do so - we put a lot of work into designing them, which you'll hear more about soon, but for now, go and enjoy them!

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