VTC Update, 31st July 2020

Welcome to today’s VTC update! It’s spicy times ahead, so I’m going to get right into it!

#1: we are now closed for new teams!

All applications have now been received and processed by the very hard-working Ryan of Fishcord fame. Go subscribe to their stream here! All teams should have had an email; due to the inevitable drops and rearrangements that come with such a huge event, we’re moving some reserves around in order to compensate for this.

#2: List submission live next week!

Our conflictchamber list submission will go live as scheduled on the 8th – a link will be sent out to captains via the email addresses provided, with separate arrangements being made for reserves. A payment link will be sent out to all captains and reserves for the $5 per person entry fee, We intend to have all submitted lists turned around very quickly, but can’t guarantee same-day publicisation due to other commitments (read: the Knightsmachine Charity Stream 2020; more info on that coming this weekend!).

#3: WarTable update!

We’ve been teasing it for a while, so I’ll be brief – the legendary WTC maps and terrain are now live on WarTable. Go play with them! Massive thanks to Tomas Mennes and Klaas Luyckx for getting those uploaded, as well of course to the inimitable Lars for getting them all ready. Remember to support his hard work via Patreon if you’re able, and go have fun with the new toys! Next update will have the official VTC maps, all ready for the practicing to start – after all, it’s not long to the big weekend…


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