VTC 2021 Tickets

Short and sweet – tickets are live!

In order to fill out the form, you’ll need a team name, a captain, and names + Discord handles for your team members. We’ve made the decision this year that reserve players will substitute in for any absent player on their team, and will play their lists, so while they won’t submit a separate pairing, their details will be needed so we can set them up with the Discord server. We expect to get some questions during this process – we’ll be compiling the answers on this page in an FAQ section so they don’t get missed Please note that if you’re one of the cleverclogs who signed up early with last year’s link, while we applaud your dedication, you will still need to get your place by using the link above!

We’ve also finished laying out the final steps before the event goes live. Here’s the dates on which you can expect the remaining updates:

15/03/2021 – Ticket purchases close. Player pack, maps, and list submission go live.

29/03/2021 – List submission closes and rules lock on Shipmate. The rules at the time of list lock will be the ones used at the event.

02/04/2021 – Lists are published. 

10/04/2021 – Round 1 pairings are published. 

17/04/2021 – Round 1 games start.

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