VTC 2021 is coming!

After its debut as the biggest ever WMH tournament hosted online, the VTC is making its return in April of next year! The dates you want to save in your calendar are the week commencing 19th April 2021 – we'll have more news on the format soon, but returning players can expect a similar plan to the one we used the first time. We’ve been quiet since the first one was won by the international efforts of All Gas No Brakes, and in honour of their inter-country success, the first big change we’ll be making to the event is taking out the country restrictions altogether. The VTC is about bringing the international community together, so let’s see what star-studded rosters can be put together with the restrictions well and truly off!

In terms of organisation, we’re proud to once again be working in partnership with the Fishcord team. If you’re not already on their Discord server, you should be; they have a charity-focused convention coming up that you can read all about here. We’ve been working together to smoothen the logistics that come with such a large event, and you’ll be hearing more about all the stuff we’ve got in place very soon.

Finally, the obvious question is “when can we get tickets?”. The answer to that one is early next year – we’re getting everything lined up and ready to go first, but once we know, you’ll know. Until then, it’s time to start assembling your teams and getting the reps in! Now that we’re approaching semi-regular articles again, you can expect to hear a lot more in the lead-in and after the event compared to last time, hopefully in addition to some unpublished stuff from back then. There'll be more news after Christmas, but until then, get hype!

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