Trans Rights Charity Stream!

We're doing a 24 hour charity stream, Saturday 8th August through to Sunday 9th August! We'll be raising money for Mermaids and Trans Lifeline, which are both readily deserving of support and funds. The plan is to start at a crisp 10AM CEST/9AM BST/4AM EDT/1AM PDT, and go all the way through with zero breaks*. We'll be putting the schedule up on Friday, but for now, here's what we've got planned:

  • Warmachine games, and lots of them! We'll be playing Warmachine on the VTC maps, which will release to the public on Friday.

  • Introducing ourselves to RiotQuest and MonPoc, completely fresh with no prior knowledge!

  • Warmachine versions of classic party games! All the raucous fun of post-con shenanigans, with an Iron Kingdoms twist.

  • A live podcast recording of an IKRPG session! Watch as Mark frantically attempts to edit the crew on air as they cackle with glee.

  • Guest appearances from Rebecca Banky from Arcane Assist, Bret Fogel from Line of Sight, and as many other fun and interesting people as we can possibly leech off fit on!

  • Blindfolded Battlebox! Watch as Twitch chat directs us in what will no doubt be an entertaining disaster.

Naturally, donations will lead to all sorts of amusement taking place live on air; we'll put the full list of incentives up on Friday. We're really looking forward to taking on this challenge, and we hope to see loads of you joining us on Twitch to support the cause!

*if I fall asleep, there's a £50 forfeit for every time I drift off. What could go wrong?

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