Shipmate Update: Steamroller 2021

Short and sweet, because if I type too fast my heart might pop again (we always have the spiciest excuses for going quiet) - Shipmate is now ready for 2021, with a whole new set of maps loaded in! You can access them by using the ?cmap command. There are 34 in total, with plenty of the new stuff for you to try out.

You'll also find the new Objectives and terrain types listed very soon (if not by the time you're reading this) for quick reference. You can search them in the usual fashion, such as [[open graves]] or [[*armory]] (the * indicates that it's in testing, rather than pulling the current card).

And if your server of choice doesn't have Shipmate yet (and seriously, why doesn't it), ask the admin to use this link to get it :) 

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