KnightsMachine, Where've You Been?

So, uh, things have been a little quiet over here. Bar one unfortunate drunkisode and a quickie VTC update, we’ve not been putting content out since the ‘launch’. And to explain why, that word is in quotation marks for a very good reason. The new site, while an absolutely excellent platform for getting to the kind of quality we want to bring to the community, is just a wee bit temperamental to say the very least. Pretty much everything we’ve done with it so far has imploded spectacularly on first use, and getting it live in the first place required an amount of sleepless nights that if I’m being honest I haven’t fully recovered from yet, with the Fun results of depression and big tiredness. As such, here’s how things are gonna happen over the next few weeks. 

#1: VTC – Deadline Extended, new update live

Real simple, all the new VTC deets are here. You’ve got until next Monday to sign up, use the form here to do so. Refer to our fancy new VTC section if you’re not sure about anything, where you can find all the updates.

#2: Podcasts – Sections going up, Spotify coming

Again, real simple. You’ll start finding our podcasts in the menu to the side as and when I get them up and running. Because I’m coding each new section manually, it won’t be instant. However, once it’s done, we’re going to have a bunch of new partners, and they’ll all be available on Spotify. We’ve got a good hosting package thanks to the Patreon supporters that allows us to do this, and we plan to reach out to more podcasts where possible in the near future – I just have to get to a position where I can manage what we have.

#3: Articles – Back from tomorrow (lol, past me, you're a liar; back Thursday when you've actually slept)

We’ve got a good backlog of articles that have been building up since before hiatus, and I want to start getting them out again. I can’t promise the same meme density initially, but I’ll try, because I know some of you love them. It’ll be one on Tuesday and one on Thursday for a while, but we also potentially have some guest content in the works, which may get its own separate day, and may not; we’ll see.

#4: Community stuff – coming soon

In an ideal world, I spend my next weekend sat in front of my laptop getting all the sweet models y’all sent us put up around the site, as originally planned. No promises on that front though, because it’s a several-hour job and I’m currently only really able to power through stuff for about two hours a day at present. (hoping to change that with a week of actual sleep). If I can do it, I will. We also have some fun news coming on this front, but you’ll have to watch this space.

#5: The stream and the cast – returning this week

Due to our Big Tired, these things have lapsed. No longer. Stream restarts Wednesday and will be 2 nights a week minimum, podcast restarts Saturday. This is 100% happening, we miss it too much to let anything get in the way.

#6: Sponsors and acknowledgements – coming this week

I am very, VERY invested in making sure these are up by the end of the week, not because anybody’s actually asked me to, but because a lot of people have put their time and dollar into making this happen and I want to make sure the community knows who they are. It might not matter to anyone else but it’s a priority, so expect to see it.

#7: All the other promised stuff – coming when it comes

A lot of content went up in a puff of smoke on launch day, and due to my awful habit (now well and truly stopped) of having said content saved online rather than offline, a lot of work went AWOL on launch day. I was able to make it in the first place, so it can be remade. When it’s done, it’ll go up. It’s not priority one, but it’s happening, because it’s important for the last thing on this list.

#8: The Boarding Crew

This is honestly the area where I feel like I’ve let down the community most. Not least because the promised massacre of your notifications never happened. But also because some very important things evaporated on launch day, like the *very* important FAQ that was meant to be up, and was the first thing I noticed had disappeared when I started getting a lot of questions that were on it, and… yeah. Bad times all round. Coupled with some other delightful tech issues that I won’t bore you with the details of, and basically I have not been as on it with this as I should have been by a long shot. For something that I am incredibly proud of and really want to use to make a difference in the community, that isn’t good enough, so it’s time to start fixing that. This isn’t to say that nothing has happened – the response so far has been phenomenal; we have members across the world and a very healthy initial cohort to start moving forward with. We’ve been working with them to get things moving and will have more to announce on that front very soon. For now, though, here’s a link to the FAQ that should assuage a lot of concerns that I’ve heard expressed.

Anyway, that’s me done. Depression is an absolute fuck, and I’m big sorry that it’s messed up KM2.0. This wasn’t particularly fun to write, and I would dearly like to not to ever have to write anything like it again, so hopefully the next you hear from me is the usual shrieking and notifications-destroying that you’re all used to. See y’all tomorrow. 😊


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