Guest Article: Tokoloshe Takes All

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This one is from friend of the team Jan du Toit, who was punished for his sins by captaining South Africa Tokoloshe this year.

I had the pleasure of playing in the VTC again this year, under the auspices of Team South Africa Tokoloshe. 

For those of you who don’t know what the VTC is, it’s a Wartable 5-man team tournament that set out initially to replace the WTC (as it has become a LITTLE difficult to travel and play games in meatspace) but due to its success, seems to have found it’s own slot now, and will hopefully remain an annual thing. 

For those of you who don’t know what a Tokoloshe is, it’s probably for the best... 

The tournament itself this year was excellent again. We got to play some fantastic individuals, meet some interesting teams, ranging from the far flung corners of Handforth Parish, all the way through to exotic Wisconsin. The weeks leading up to the tournament weekend sets the tone, with friendlies being played, smack being talked, and everybody making disparaging remarks about a guy called Brad. This is all done under the ever-present and sometimes coherent Fishcord team, featuring Stephanie Berry. 

Pairings this year were done with one team choosing three matchups and two tables, and vice versa. As my first year captaining, it fell to me to fuck our pairings up for my team, and I am glad to say that my days of fucking up pairings have certainly come to a middle. The new system definitely felt like an improvement from last year’s, and I’m sure if we had done more than the most slap-dash of preparations, it would have been more competitive for SA Tokoloshe too.

From a Legion perspective, I think it’s fair to say that we are in a great spot at the moment. Just the sheer variety of lists at the VTC should give an inclination as to how deep their arsenal is at the moment, but there’s certainly front-runners:

Unsurprisingly, Beth2 had a strong showing. She was represented very equally in all four themes, with Ravens only narrowly winning out as the favourite. It’s easy to see how good she is in the current meta with just how varied her lists are in this VTC, and I’m sure we can expect to see more of her in the future, dragging her Harrier blood bags with her for all to enjoy. 

Following not far behind is Kryssa, with all but one playing her in Children of the Dragon, where she finds an easy home. Not surprising she’s here, as she threats far and hits hard, which is what you want in the current meta of pressing the Archon/Riotquest button till it breaks, then choosing a caster. 

Making me spill my whiskey in surprise, is that 3rd place goes to Anamag! Mostly in PT, but a few interesting takes on her as well. Of course she does a couple of things VERY well, and will likely always see play in any major tournament, but I didn’t think there would be quite so many compared to some others. Perhaps the continuously-applied whiskey has dulled my take on her somewhat. 

After that, there’s a few Beth 1s, a couple of Fyannas, a couple of Lylyth3s, a Thags1, and two Kallus1s, with one notable arsehole still playing him in PT like it’s 2018.

A notable fact is just how much PT has fallen out of favour this year. Though it’s still represented, it doesn’t make up half the Legion field like it used to. I imagine that this is in part to Death Archons eating whole units of Chosen for breakfast, and partly due to Legion players’ relief that they no longer have to crutch on it, and can go back to playing big fuckoff flappy things like Everblight intended. 

My plan this year was to play nothing but Bethayne 1. I was a bit late to the party with her, spending my time meddling with Beth2 and Kryssa for the first bit, but I fell hard when I did, and she fits well with my all-or-nothing playstyle. 

With this in mind, I thought I would pair her with something big and scary, like Kallus1 in PT… In my head this made complete sense, Arm 23 Rapid Healing Chosen, preceded by Kallus-feated birbs and hellmouths, and followed up by pow 17 Archons seems scary enough to me, and different enough to Beth that it should create problems. In reality though, I’m not sure anybody took it seriously. It’s as subtle as bringing Karchev when you have Vlad2 Doom Reavers, or bringing a second list when you have Krueger2 SM. 

Paired up, of course, the old girl herself: 

This looks a little different to the standard (I want to say Cutter?) version. Once you start building her in Children, the bones of it fall together easily. AA on Beth. Zuriel on the Archon. McShredder somewhere, depending on how mad you are. Double Virtue boat. 

After that, it gets interesting. I took Hex Hunters because a guy who sounds like Eeyore shot me off the table with them one game, and they seemed super fun. It turns out they’re also really good at disincentivizing people from running their armies up full tilt turn one. Beth1 feating bottom of 1 can put out 9 fully boosted pow 15 spells on the halfway line, and it means I can deal with Menite Archons at range, because stupid Legion is stupid type fire on stupid everything. 

Going for the 4th proper solo rather than the Naga or BFS allowed me to pick a couple of spell martyrs and a shepherd. Anybody who has seen Belphagore die turn2 knows how valuable spell martyrs can be, and the shepherd allows me to get around a couple of order-of-activation issues when swapping Dragons Blood and Blood Thorn. We get it, Everblight loves blood guys! I’ve taken the Craelix over Ysyslla, because I am a fun guy, and he is a fun piece. Also because it pisses some of the Fishcord guys off. 

Onto the games! I am typing this up purely from memory, so apologies to my opponents when I inevitably get things wrong. 

Round 1 

Our first round opponents were Too Cool for Dark Legacy, a name I believe they picked because their former captain hilariously dropped them to go play for a different team, and maybe plays Infernals? Either way, cracking group of guys, and I was up against their Cygnar player Sam J with Hailey2 HM and Stryker 2 Flames. Either way, Beth1 here we go, and he took Hailey:

Playing on Invasion, Wrong Turn map 

Firstly, what a cool Hailey list. It may be a bit light on the ground, but man does it do cool things, and the assassination as always with Hailey, is ever-present. Fortunately I got to go first, and the AA charges 14 inches up the board towards the Hurricane, under Dragon’s Blood and Deceleration. I think it leaves him in the difficult position of either feating turn 1 and allowing me to back off, or playing very cagey with the Hurricane and giving me a chance to score some points on scenario. 

After reading the short story that is Nemorb’s rules, I confidently run my left flank up to 17.1 from the ball-man. Zuriel behind, and my right flank has the Hexies, second Virtues, and Craelix. Of course, Nemorb then teleports 3” forward, and then activates and shoots the crap out of two virtues. I should have known better, but honestly even after Sam telling me he has this ability, it took me 10 minutes after the game to read through that mess and find it. In hindsight, he could’ve probably just TKed Nemorb forward anyway so I defo got that wrong, but no time to learn like the VTC! 

So he slowly starts collapsing my left flank. Arm 19 Zuriel went from full to 4HP because of two Nemorb shots and a pow 16 Freebooter, and died after dealing with said Freebooter the next turn. My central and right looks good though, as my AA casually shoots his Hurricane for 32-odd damage one round, and my Craelix manages to shoot Ace off the table, thereby cementing his place as MVP. The fact that Ace had like 7 HP left, it’s movement out, and was shadowbound at the time is unimportant. 

Ace (un)surprisingly dealt with by the Craelix meant that I got to score the right-hand zone a turn early, and after that it was a slow grind for Beth to win it on CPs 7-2. Along the way, I believe we both missed a few opportunities to close the game out, and there is a hilarious stream of it somewhere online with Steph commenting and slowly derailing into a cookie-fuelled rage. 

SA Tokoloshe took the round 4-1, and we felt confident going into the weekend. Our mission was to get two team wins for the tournament, thereby trending upwards by 1 from last year, and becoming eventual winners by 2024. Dream big kids! 

Round 2: 

We are paired with the New York-based Ordo Malleus, who apparently forgot what system they were playing, but managed to bring some decent Warmahordes lists nonetheless. Another great group of guys, and if I understood the award ceremony on Sunday correctly, they had some pretty crap luck with opponents dropping, but kept plugging away like the champs they are. 

I am paired into Aaron Fishkow with Circle - Krueger 2 Secret Masters. To be honest I think my whole team stopped reading his pairing after seeing Krugs, so of course that meant that I got to play into this: 

Map is Anarchy, Fool’s Oasis 

Well that’s not quite what I expected, but Beth1 is in, and it’s better than Krueger 2 right? RIGHT? I’ve seen Mohsar’s name being thrown about in a few tournaments, but don’t believe I’ve had the privilege... 

I get first turn, which is good I guess, because that means I can get some spells out before the inevitable Mohsar feat turn 2, and I move up as aggressively as I feel I can. I have a bit of fury out on my beasts so I don’t have to cut turn 2. Smort. Well of course he moves Mohsar up, feats 18 inches thanks to the well, onto pretty much everything of mine that matters, and castles up behind terrain and 4 pillars. The Blood Packs move in each of his flanks, and he holds his breath. 

My turn, my AA, now staring at his entire army, of course frenzies into a Hex Hunter right in front of him who should have known better. Zuriel lucks out and doesn’t frenzy, but this turn basically means I can’t cast any spells, nor do any sort of useful maneuvering to GTFO. With the AA stranded squarely in the centre, I decide that the only plausible defense is a good offense (or throwing good money after bad) Things potter about, Zuriel gets a few kills and sprays a few dudes, most notably failing to kill Hulk Kogan as Aaron calls him, nor the Feasty Boy, with 2 double-boosted sprays. Everything else kinda half-hearedly runs in trying to run interference. 

Aaron’s turn 2 is nothing short of awesome. The pillars fuck off and a Feral Warpwolf with the help of Curse of Shadows does most of the AA’s boxes. His Death Archon then charges, sticks the full smattering of Annihilator, Mortal Fear and Fucker on, and proceeds to kill the AA on the charge, thus leaving him conveniently free to Fucker his way to my Blarchon standing 4.9 away from him (Oops). The same Blarchon who cut himself for two so he could stick Dragons Blood on the AA, hoping that being very far away was enough (double oops) The expected happens, and I have now lost half my army with Zuriel going feral.

Aaron will pretty easily go up 3-0 his turn 2 now, and has a massive attrition lead as well. So what do you do when you are up on both attrition and scenario? Well Aaron, lovely man that he is, starts by running Brighid right up to Beth. I’m told this is a pretty well-known play from Mohsar, but it sure took me by surprise: After Mohsar gets given various pep-talks, massages and gifts from his harem of supporters in the back, he then Sands of Fates to Brighid, doppler barks Beth to def 5, and proceeds to blow the ever-living Blight out of her. I imagine the awaiting Blood Pack with arcing fire, waiting for their turn to have a go, were suitably impressed. Aaron finishes his turn two with 11 minutes remaining, and a story to tell. 

Thoroughly enjoyable game, and I had a blast. We had a great chat afterwards and there was obviously loads I could’ve done differently, most notably not loading up on fury and charging forward like a mad man, but sometimes you just have to chalk things up to experience and laugh it up. 

Not since my early days of learning to play Warmahordes and hitting the Patbot in a tournament round 1 have I been so drubbed, and it’s certainly a memory I’ll treasure, or drink myself to sleep on. Cheers Aaron! 

Round 3: 

Last round of what is effectively day 1, I run into some good friends of mine from the Handforth Parish Council. You’ll have to ask them about the name, but I am reliably informed that it’s a youtube treasure. I am paired into the incomparable Barry Williams, who has taken a break from the jet-setting lifestyle of competitive judging, and is throwing down with his Trolls. 

Last time I played Barry, my Grymkin got shot to shreds by his Trolls, so I’m taking no chances and dropping Beth1. He brings out Horgle 2, the Anvil. 

The scenario is Spread the Net, and we are on Pier Review.

I take top, and I have one giant building on the left shielding me from incoming bears, and another giant building centrally, perfect for Zuriel to hide behind. I set up fairly symmetrically, with my AA planning to swing around on the right if the Glacier King comes in. Everything gets ready to get set on fire. 

He runs up, craftily setting his Fire Eaters on fire with the darts from the croaks, but hilariously, does quite a bit of damage to them as well. This will be a bit of a trope in the game, and between his fire checks and pow 10 fire darts, by the time I’m attacking these Fire Eaters, they have often times eaten a few too many fires, and are a little worse for wear. You can have too much of a good thing!

My turn one everything heads up quite passively. My Hex Hunters hang back a bit as there’s no need for them to get set on fire in droves, and on the right, I throw out a couple of Virtues to bait the bears. My Craelix kills a Fire Eater, and the AA finishes off the other two. Zuriel tramples up to the building with dodge up, under Decel, hoping to GTFO if it gets a bit too hot. 

His bears take the bait and ambush right, eating the two Virtues. The two buildings on the left end up funnelling Barry’s army quite a bit so it’s hard to get work done, but he burns a couple of virtues nonetheless. It’s here where Barry starts talking to me about the angles he has on Zuriel, and the exciting things his feat can do to the poor fella. I start sweating. 

The croaks feel rather adventurous due to their corrosion immunity. Fortunately one of the croaks tries to oil Zuriel and misses the 11 needed as his first activation, so Zuriel dodges 2” squarely behind the house, to safety. 

It’s here that Barry walks Horgle, the Anvil up to the other side of the house, and casts a pretty throw-away consuming flames, which misses a virtue, but scatters perfectly 5 inches to the 4, and catches Zuriel on fire. Hmmmm. The Hooch Hauler then draws a charge angle past the house on the other side, juuuuuust about lining Zuriel up with both sides, and starts spraying. When the smoke clears, Zuriel is left on 5 boxes, on fire, and will be taking a boosted fire roll on my next turn due to oil...

The fire stays on, but Zuriel amazingly lives on 2 or 3. Hallelujah, the game is on, we just need to keep Zuriel alive somehow. We start with a shepherd walking up and healing him, giving him all of his columns back. A full-steamed Zuriel with Blood Thorn then removes said Hooch Hauler, and dances back to the not-so-safety of the building.

On the right flank, the Craelix kills a bear with some poison shots. The champ kills another and the last virtue kills the leader, giving me that flag. Belphagor sees a chance to grab Barry’s right zone and runs for it. The AA continues its standoff with the Glacier King, and fires off a couple of shots taking out the central unit of bears. On the left the traffic jam continues, but with the flanking bears now committed on the other side, the Hex Hunters try to unjam my zone. Under feat, they kill a fire eater or two, and Bayal manages to battle wizard a boosted spray to take out a bunch of croaks, as well as accidentally contesting Barry’s flag. Value!

Barry’s next turn the GK eats Belphagor, and a whole bunch of hex hunters die. Crucially, he puts Inviolable resolve on Horgle, and not the GK, as he was worried about my assassination angles with Zuriel, who has now been healed a few and has Dragons Blood on him to defend future rounds of being on fire. This is significant, because even though Beth has Hex Blast, she still needs to put Blood Thorn on the AA, as well as disintegrate the GK, and she can’t do all three with Belphagore dead. He runs the Dhunian to stand in the landing spot for the AA, or at least take a free strike and lose its Blood Thorn. 

My next turn I kill off the last of the infantry on his right side, but sadly not before attempting to kill the Dhunian, so it’s tougher now. No worries, we have Zuriel to take her out. Zuriel then charges her for free, whacks her for almost enough to tough. She toughs on the second attack, and because PP thought it’s cool to give everybody tough no KD again, she stands. 1st bought attack, she toughs. 2nd bought attack, she toughs, 3rd bought attack, she toughs. At this stage I start to whimper a bit, but the 4th attack seals the deal, and all it cost me was my dignity!

Zuriel dances out of the way, leaving the Pow 25 AA to go in and eat the GK. From there, it’s a bit easier, and Barry throws Horgle at the AA as his final protest. The AA then eats said Horgle. My Craelix killed a couple of bears, a couple of fire eaters, and scored me a few points on a flag, and gets the MVP this round. 

Round 4 

We are paired up with the boys from Wisconsin, aka the Wisconsin Improvisational Match Players (check the acronym). As far as I understand, they are more Centrally Wisconsin, away from Milwaukee and the great lakes, but apologies I can’t remember exactly where. I play into a man called Rob with Retribution, Garry2 and Gore4. He picks Garry: 

The scenario is Recon 2, and we are on Sandy City. 

Now Garry2 used to be an absolute menace to Legion before our CID, and I have not so fond memories of getting shot the hell off the table quite regularly. I’m quite happy we finally have a decel caster, and quite look forward to trying it out. 

He goes first, and crucially that gives me the side with a lovely trench in the left-hand zone, and a building for Zuriel to bully the table from on the right. 

He goes up fairly aggressively, and I start to wonder again whether I can actually pull this off. Very much bitten, very much shy, Zuriel decides against flying for the building. If one of his Harpies gets a boosted 11 and crits, he will be on his arse and the trident will kill him, arm 19 or not. Instead, I put him in a forest nearly in my deployment zone, under Decel, and hope for the best. My left virtue boat clouds up and hits the trench, and my AA gets Dragons Blood and attempts to look menacing. A few scathers float over and corrode 4 of his defenders, and the rest of my guys move up so they can clear the zone if he isn’t aggressive next turn. 

Next turn is a feat turn for Garry of course. None of the corrosions go out on the Defenders, but they all tough, and he can’t be knocked down so business as usual. His left-hand Trident can’t quite make it into the trench, and he discovers how hard it is to kill def18 arm18 models with five boxes, and ONLY kills two with his 9 shots. 

Centrally, the Banshee goes in and knocks Zuriel over with it’s gun and does 7 boxes. The Trident then charges up, and of course kills him. Def15, arm19 in a forest at the edge of my deployment. Good ol’ Zuriel! 

The Defenders run up and jam lines like crazy, and he ships the clock. 

I begin my turn by unjamming my hex hunters with apparate, and drop Dragons Blood on the AA so we can stick Blood Thorn up first, and cycle back to it. 

Beth feats, sticks Disintegrate on I think both the Dawnmowers. The left one is dealt with by the last virtue, the champ, and an unlikely cameo from Belphagor. The right hand one gets much the same with the help from a couple of Hex Hunters. Bayal manages a boosted spray down the line of Defenders and kills a bunch, and the rest on the right are corroded. A few hexies under feat blast away at a Griffon and spike heavily, breaking the movement and cortex I think. My Craelix shoots one or two Defenders. Finally, my AA ignores the four Defenders in front of him, and shoots the Banshee with the help of Blood Thorn and the treasure chest, and offs him, choosing to stay safe.

In his turn almost all the Defenders die from auto-corrosion due to standing near the Virtue Champ. Handy! 

My opponent forgets about flying high and sadly Garry 2 can’t hit the AA with his AP shot. I am still getting used to it myself at times, but I find I mostly don’t get use from it because I remind my opponents. Garry didn’t want a re-do though, so it’s a bit of a lacklustre turn for him. The Harpies and rifle teams clear up a bunch of my guys in the zones, including the Craelix who bravely takes a bullet to keep the AA fully-functional. 

My turn the AA finally commits, and I think eats the busted Griffon and a Harpy, giving me the right hand zone. The rest of my guys clear the left-hand zone and we score a flag somewhere in the mix. 

My opponent shows just how mean Garry can still be this turn. The AA takes an AP shot to the head, and gets mortalitied. A heavy rifle team then smacks him for another 7 or so, and finally a fully charged Griffon takes him out. This unfortunately over-extends Garry a bit, and leaves him on the wrong side of his portable wall, camping one.

In my turn, I start off by charging a Handy Man Champ into Garry, and he surprises me by missing an attack. Sure Garry is like def 17 but these things don’t happen! The second attack takes the focus though and does five damage, and then Belphagor goes in and takes him out with his last boosted attack. 

It’s so nice to not get automatically shot off the table with Legion any more, and it’s been a while like I felt I had game into Garry without pulling off some ludicrous stunt. My opponent’s dice ran hot to take Zuriel off the table, but he said that his luck always swings, and true to form my Hex Hunters got a ton of work done on the follow-up. My Craelix managed to tank a clutch shot from a heavy rifle team in turn 3, and takes MVP for this game.

Team SA claws this one out, with our Khador player Rob beating Grymkin on scenario with 7 seconds remaining in the decider!

Round 5: The final game of VTC 2021, and we have Team Spain! I realise I have now had something to say for every other team, so erm… these guys are called Team Spain because they play as a team, and they are from Spain. Or at least Spanish speaking. Most of them. I think. 

I have spent a lot of lockdown apprendo-ing some Espanol, and it is down to their captain, Kuni, to listen to me try it out. Apologies Kuni! 

He brings with him, Infernals, Sloan and Zaateroth. Normally I don’t think Sloan is a great game for Legion, but he has brought more Chargers than Hunters, so I reckon my AA could possibly survive feat turn, and then it’s a game. Fortunately for me he picks Zaat, and away we go! 

I should just mention that Kuni was extremely gracious this entire game, and we got to play a nice relaxed game to end off a pretty exhausting tournament for me. Infernals is another one of those matchups that have made me sweat for a while now, but with the new Legion, and especially the AA, I think that the matchup has swung a bit in our favour. 

We are playing Bunkers, on a table called Midfast Moshpit, which has a GIANT building slightly on his side, in the middle of the table. Bunkers is already crap for Infernals I think, because they don’t have solos they can just throw away, and by giving me the top, I can effectively funnel his guys into two choke points on the board. I know he has ghostly, but seriously that building was so thick you couldn’t really get past it to the other side without charging. 

I take first, and run my AA at his Gate. Zuriel tries to stay out of trouble behind the building, and one unit of virtues for each choke point, with the hexies in reserve. 

Kuni’s turn one he does the standard array of Decel, Rites of Torment, and summoning a Tormentor then moving it back, effectively cutting off an aggressive feat with my Hexies turn 2. I have however run my Hexies up a little too far, and he pots two with Zaat’s gun, getting only one soul because the Handy Men stopped the other. 

My turn, I do what every player wishes they could do to Infernals, and blow the damn gate to smithereens with the AA and a couple of boosted disintegrates through Belphagore. I actually thought he could hermit a damage roll so had to commit a bit heavier than intended, but Kuni was nice enough to tell me the next turn I didn’t have to worry about it. The rest of my list surrounds the flags at 4” on my side, and waits for the pain. Some guys try to stand in the way of my AA so he has to expend resources before he can send a tormentor. 

This turns out to be a rather good move for me, as his order of activation then gets quite complicated, and he also fluffs a shot with Zaateroth, meaning that one of his tormentors has to do the clearing. Only one could make it in anyway, but it means he can’t get up as far as he would like. He feats, sprays a bunch of hex hunters with the Desolator, and moves the rest of his tormentors up with various rights of torments and runs. One Tormentor does go into the AA, but it survives on about two-thirds of it’s boxes, and another kills Belphagore, which I see as an acceptable trade for the gate. 

Feat turn for Zaateroth. Always stressful, but me, smart person that I am, brought a Craelix. This bad boy has a shot called weaken, which makes living things -2 def and strength. 

I start off by aiming with the Craelix, and weakening the two central-most tormentors, and the one by my AA, so it doesn’t matter if I miss. After 10 minutes of me going into the tank, I finally start the rest. Zuriel with Blood Thorn flies to behind the Tormentor that killed Belph, and kills him, throwing a few spare attacks into the Desolator and hurting him too, then flying back. 

Beth feats and sticks a disintegrate on the Tormentor coming up the channel at my AA. My Virtues manage to clear it out with help from their champ, but are definitely dying next turn. My AA decides to ignore the weakened Tormentor right in front of it with only one essence, and instead shoots and kills another Tormentor with help from the treasure chest rerolls. That means the centre flag is free so I can score it with a shepherd. 

On the right, my handy Virtues do most of the desolator’s boxes, but miss their third attack and he buggers off, forcing my champ to go in too, but killing it. Bayal manages to get into a great spot, getting to hit and kill Lynda (Lynda who?!?),spray down 4 cultists, and his 2nd attack kills the last cultist. The rest of the hexies get stuck in, and my spell martyr decides to live up to its name, and runs into the flag in the middle of a fire cloud. For the cause! That takes me up by two, but I lost a LOT of clock on his feat turn trying to get around his porting dodges.

Kuni still has three Tormentors I think, soon to be four, but again only one more can get onto the AA, who has been arm 21 this entire time, and pow 15s/17s just ain’t cutting it. He struggles to extricate himself from my one Virtue which is half behind the building by missing two boosted 10s, which further complicates things. He does however contest everywhere, and kills most of my Hex Hunters, Virtues and Champs. 

From here, I should just kill three Tormentors a turn, and cruise to the finish, but my time is low and I don’t like my chances. Crucially, the fire on my Spell Martyr goes out, thus delaying his inevitable martyrdom, and allowing him to score. That means I can run the last Hex Hunter into his zone, and just have to clear a Lamentor behind the building to score the central flag. 

Zuriel clears off the one Tormentor in front of the AA, and the AA, by way of his big booty, can stay in melee with the other, as well as flying over to the Lamentor to squash him with two attacks, taking me 11-6 up I think, with around 47 seconds to spare. I feel like the only place the Lamentor could’ve dodged to, would have taken it out of range of the flag, so it was odds-on, but hitting the two boosted 9s was a bit lucky I reckon. 

The Zaateroth feat turn is always very difficult to play around, but thanks to the Craelix weaken shots, I managed to hit, and it also kept my AA alive a few more turns. MVP again wow! 

Another great game, with a very friendly opponent. Thanks Kuni, and I believe the rest of Team Spain were equally gracious. Hasta el próximo año! 

So Beth1 goes 4-1, and honestly, I had a great tournament all around. Thanks to the Fishcord judges and Steph who always have to work tirelessly in the background to make this thing run properly, and congrats to Four Men and a Baby for taking it, and All Gas no Brakes for VERY nearly making it a double, and hitting second! 

Team SA was hoping to get best sportsmen again this year, but congrats to Italy Team Mario for being super cool guys! I believe we weren’t far off, so we will continue trying to lose as happily as we can next year. 

Afterwards I had a look at all of my models’ performance, and it seems as if this year, the Craelix gets MVP again! Holy crap I can’t believe it!

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