Dark Guidance

Dark Guidance

A podcast about Warmachine and Hordes from Sydney, Australia. Nothing else we can say can do it justice, really.

Dark Guidance 69

This week Chris, Brian, and Tom lure Jack away from Menoth long enough to discuss the Legion CID.

Dark Guidance 68

This week Brian, Tom, and Chris go over the 2020 Privateer Press Keynote. Unable to contain their hype and running on very little sleep they recount the announcements of PP’s upcoming releases for IKRPG, Mini-crate, Monsterpocalypse, Warmachine, and Riot Quest. Please enjoy.

Dark Guidance 67

This week on Dark Guidance, Chris and Brian are joined by 2 Tom's and 1 Colin Hill as we talk about the ins & outs of planning your important turns in Warmachine. Our discussion ranges from how to plan your critical initial turns to avoid digging yourself your very own pitfall and screwing your game up to the battle-ending turns where, after inevitably shoveling yourself into a hole, you are required to keep digging in the hopes that you somehow manage to dig upward instead and salvage the game or savage your opponent. Enjoy.

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