Boarding Crew FAQ

Boarding Crew FAQ

Here, we hope, is the answer to the most commonly asked questions about the Boarding Crew! This is a living document that will be updated as we go on, so if you have anything you want answered, the best places to get us are via our Facebook page or emailing  

#1: What even is a Boarding Crew anyway?

Basically, a way of empowering existing community organisers and helping new ones start. We want to make it so that these engines of the game get the respect, accolades, and support that we strongly feel that they deserve. You sign up as a member of a club, and get access to everything we can possibly provide to help out. More details can be found here.

#2: So… you’re charging organisers to be organisers?

Common misconception, but no, absolutely not, because that would be exactly as silly a concept as it sounds! What we’re doing is pooling the community’s resources to achieve things that individuals just can’t do themselves, whether through lack of time or lack of funds. Having one pool to work from allows for some bigger things to be achieved that benefit everybody.

#3: What things are you planning?

Literally everything humanly possible to do. The current to-do list extends to centralising resources, providing rapid introductory content to the game to match and better any other, providing multimedia content for the game in all of its aspects, improving the resources available for players through bot functionality, helping Boarding Crew members get access to prize support, providing introductory materials to local clubs and stores, introducing as many new players to the game as possible through our forthcoming intro system… the list goes on, and will keep going on as we work to do as much as possible. These are things that individual community members can and do do on a small scale already, but we want to centralise it and do it as well as it can possibly be done.

#4: Okay, how does it actually work?

It’s pretty simple. You put an application in through our form. We check your application. If we’re happy with it, and you pay your membership fee, you’re in. Payment can be done through PayPal, but if you prefer a more secure option we have an invoicing system set up through the site that is as tight as tight can be. From there, you’re a member of the Boarding Crew for a year, as long as you abide by the Code of Conduct. The formal setup and other such info can be found in the Boarding Crew Discord server, which you get access to upon applying, so feel free to have a look.

#5: How do we know the funds are going to good use?

Because we intend for this to be a world-spanning community organisation, having funds just go into an account while we tell you what we’re planning isn’t good enough. As such, expect regular statements of accounts either on the Boarding Crew Discord or on the KnightsMachine site, because transparency is important. You’ll get to see exactly what we’re doing to help the community as often as is feasible.

#6: Okay, I’m vaguely convinced, but I have more questions. Wat do?

Either message Captain Mark (yes, this is my official title, when you make a worldwide community organisation you get to call yourself whatever you want) on Facebook, or the KnightsMachine Facebook page. Alternately, just apply, and ask in the Discord server. Whatever works best for you. If a question is asked often enough, it’ll go on this FAQ page. 😊

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