2020 Survey Data Analysis

Nic Ratelle presents for us the results of his huge community survey!

VTC Winners!

The VTC is done! The biggest online event in WMH history is in the books, and we can announce that the winners were team All Gas No Brakes! Hearty congratulations to them for making it through a very tough field. The final standings can be found here. Look to...

Klaw goes VTC

So. We have a VTC this year to forget the woes of not having an annual get-together of Warmachine players from all over the world, for hugs and laughs and beers and exchange of obscure local spirits and pyramids and legendary stories of what happens at night, all against a backdrop of some of the tightest Warmachine and Hordes...

VTC Stats

This article is from Johan and Antonio, two close friends of mine who have put a lot of time and effort into getting these stats. Sorry they're a bit late! Remember, you can follow the event news on Facebook. - Steph

Johan - Hi! I was asked by Steph...

Mark('s) 4 Pt. II

Mark('s) 4 Pt. II

First off, I’m going to tackle the big one, that got easily the most negative feedback out of the things that I suggested – the removal of Fury and Essence as distinct systems. Oddly enough, the majority of comments that I read in various places were far more against the removal of Fury than Essence.