The Draw: Skarre1 Scourge of the Broken Coast

What's the list?

Scourge of the Broken Coast 

 Skarre1 [+28]

 - Stalker [8]

 - Stalker [8]

 - Stalker [8]

 - Stalker [8]

 - Doctor Stygius [0(4)] 

Aiakos Scourge of the Meredius [4]

 - Kharybdis [17] 

Axiara Wraithblade [0(6)] 

General Gerlak Slaughterborn [0(6)] 

Hermit of Henge Hold [5] 

Misery Cage [2] 

Satyxis Raider Captain [4] 

Warwitch Siren [4] 

Warwitch Siren [4] 

Asphyxious4 [14]

 - Freebooter [9] 

Satyxis Blood Witches (min) [8]

What else might be in it?

You might see Cankerworm instead of a Freebooter, or another Stalker. You might see some lists lose the Kharybdis module and try to make room for a Blockader. You also might see Orin1 as some tech for spellslingers.

What’s its place in the competitive meta?

Staple - Skarre1 is one of those Warcasters that just sort of sticks around by virtue of being a very blunt object that can deal with most things in the game if you let it. The numbers go very big, so as long as models exist that can be delivered and threaten far, she'll be a popular inclusion.

How does this list try to win?

It tries to stack numbers as high as possible between Gang Fighter, Dark Shroud, and the Feat. Models that normally hit at a middling level become capable of taking off chunks of a Colossal with relative ease, and become rather difficult to kill in retaliation, allowing the Skarre1 player to get one more turn out of them to finish off your resistance. If you avoid her threat ranges, she'll use the board space she can rapidly take with her fast army to push you out of scenario.

How is this list commonly beaten?

Skarre1 can rarely survive a 7 turn slog, so if her alpha strike can be positioned around she's in a rough spot. She also doesn't like being shot, because outside of her Feat turn her army generally ranges between moderately resilient to paper thin, and even a few boosted POW 12 shots can do significant damage.

What are its key pieces?

Doctor Stygius is key to the economy of the list, as using Spell Slave for Ritual Sacrifice on Annihilation Servitors allows casting of Dark Guidance while allocating Focus to the Stalkers. Asphyxious4 is also a very impactful piece in the list, as besides his high melee output, his Annihilation Servitors can trigger both Gang Fighter and Dark Shroud on targets. Blood Witches Ambushing from a flank can make spreading out to avoid threat ranges a risky proposition.

What are some key gotchas?

Skarre1 can use Sacrificial Strike to do a big hit to a key target in the lategame, and also has very high melee output with Life Trader. Other than that, it's quite a straightforward and uncomplicated list. Things run at you and try to hit you.

What are its good matchups? 

Live scenarios against armies that can't meaningfully contest in a way where Skarre1 will struggle to remove pieces. Melee armies that she can out-threaten and hit first, taking out key pieces before they get a chance to use their abilities.

What are its bad matchups? 

Shooting-heavy armies that can get around Stealth and Caustic Mist. Lists that are faster and can spread out as wide as she can, meaning that she has to posture rather than going right for the throat.

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