Convergence - Unit Review

Convergence Unit Review

Time to do a little bit of a deep dive on my favourite robot nerds, I think! Convergence used to have effectively one, maybe two units that were worth using, but since the CID almost every single unit has its place (bar maybe one, but we’ll get to that later). I’m going to break the three broad categories ( Obstructor ‘chassis’, Clockwork Angel ‘chassis’, and Eradicator ‘chassis’) down by output, defensive capabilities, speed, and cost, then I’ll give them all an arbitrary rating from S down to D because we all know how much the internet loves ratings, right? So, without further ado…

I think that I’m going to let Paul handle the responses on this one… -Ed.


On the surface Obstructors look a bit rubbish in terms of their work. MAT6 POW11 with 2” melee range is very meh, but there are a few extra things to consider. First up is Combined Melee Attack, a very flexible rule that allows these guys to swing accurately or crack moderate ARM without any added support. Second is Chain Weapon, which while it may look a little niche at first glance it is actually a very potent rule in the current meta. Getting effectively extra POW against anything with a shield, buckler, or Shield Wall is super legit, and other faction buffs ( Positive Charge, Imperil, Axis ’ feat, etc) can make these little guys swing way above their pay grade. On the defensive side, DEF 12 ARM 14 is pretty meh, but Shield Wall can make it more reasonable, especially combined with in-faction buffs from Lucant like Deceleration and his Feat. This does slow them down, but, once they get engaged or into a zone they want to be in, they often just Shield Wall every turn and it can keep a few more alive than you might think. Speed 5 is pretty bad, and no Pathfinder is also bad, there’s no arguing that, but there are fixes for this in the faction. Beacon is pretty prevalent, Asphyixious4 ’s Leadership – Bloodthirst ability helps against certain lists, Magnetic Hold or Axis ’ Feat both grant +2” of charge distance, and there’s even Aurora1 if you aren’t in Strange Bedfellows. While not having the best baseline, they can reasonably threaten 14”, or 16” if you are using one of the aforementioned ‘casters. But to me, the big reason Obstructors are so damn good is that 11 points for 10 guys is such awesome value. Especially with how much recursion we have available. 1.1 points per guy makes them disposable so yeeting a few out to contest or jam really doesn’t make you feel bad for losing them, and conversely any resources committed by your opponent will often be an over allocation.

“Nobody ever asks me, but I wish someone would paint my flail as a rave glowstick. Let me dance my dream” – Obstructor Rho-Mu 2401, shortly before being crushed by a War Wagon on the wrong side of the road

Reductors feel a lot more difficult to get use out of, but are at least somewhat rewarding when you do so. RAT5 is stinky, but a POW13 SP6 from each and every guy that can’t hurt your own models is money. If you can Flare or Paralyse your target ,or attack targets under Orion ’s feat, then Reductors can put out crazy amounts of work, especially since you can make use of Dark Shroud from Asphyxious4 ’s unit/warjacks(s) and not risk the in melee defence bonus or killing the model applying it. It’s also worth noting that this is the one unit where I’d consider using the Transverse Enumerator . While they aren’t the best, having a turn of rerolls to hit can be great for fixing their accuracy. Defensively, while the same as Obstructors , the lack of Shield Wall really hurts, as while they have to be at a similar proximity to the enemy to get work done, they can’t cluster up in the midgame to get that +4ARM, and the faction’s common charge extenders that we listed above mostly don’t apply to non-charging movement, making them pretty slow as well. The real nail in the coffin in my opinion is the cost. If they were 11 points, you might throw them in as an alternative to Obstructors , but 13 points just makes them feel like a tax, though a minimum unit may occasionally find its way into weird Clockwork Legions lists.

Paul’s made me too sad about these bolt buckets to even meme them 😥 -Ed

Clockwork Angels/Negation Angels

Firstly, Negation Angels hit like angry trucks. POW12 base plus Gang takes them to POW14 trivially, and then you can tack on one of our various damage feats, Dark Shroud, and Hermit ’s Whispers at the Gate to get them to an extremely cost-effective P+S18+. And that’s not all they do! Native MAT6 with Gang to go up to 8, and having Paralysis on hit makes them insanely accurate and can even fix the accuracy of the rest of the list. Finally, they even randomly have a gun. It may only be RNG 8 and POW 10, but it is RAT 6 with Critical Paralysis, and it’s lightning typed so we can easily buff this up to rat 8, pow 12 from Ionisation and Superconduction. Good base rules and easily buffable, just what we like to see. Now with all that offensive power they must be easy to kill right? No. No, not at all. Defence 14 base is a great starting point and then Blade Shield on top makes them very difficult for a lot of lists to remove at range. Couple that with Prowl and they can present a really obnoxious defensive profile for your opponent’s anti-light infantry shooting. The good numbers just keep coming when we look at their manoeuvrability; SPD7, access to Apparition in every list, and all the other threat extenders we have access to makes you wanna paint these girls blue with red shoes, ‘cause they gotta go fast. Threat ranges in the game are very long at the moment but these are one of the longest around. When the stars align you can potentially threaten 18.5 inches which is longer than a lot of walk and shoot threat ranges. To top it all off, 6 points is a steal for what Negation Angels bring, especially when you consider that they are a Requisition choice in Strange Bedfellows. I genuinely believe these to be one of the best units in Convergence, and very possibly in the game, working very well at baseline and synergising excellently with a huge variety of ‘casters and other models.

Objectively Best Girls, no messing.

Sadly, it’s not quite such a success story for Clockwork Angels . Basically, almost everything about these models on the offensive side is like Negation Angels , but a little bit worse, in a way that I’m not sure is entirely reflected in their relative points costs. POW10 base in melee, going up to 12 on the charge, puts these girls at a minimum of 2 P+S behind Negation Angels , and the lack of Gang and Paralysis hurts their accuracy. The only place that Clockwork Angels can best their newer, shinier counterparts is at range. Instead of a RNG8 POW10 gun, they have a RNG10 POW10 gun! I know, girls are basically Scarface. Sarcasm aside, they do also have Combined Ranged Attack, but with only 3 of them a RAT 9 POW 13 isn’t exactly impressive for a 5 point unit, mostly limiting them to popping off the odd solo. Defensively, it’s a bit of a different story – they don’t have Prowl, but do have Reposition (3”). Now Reposition is an incredibly powerful rule, especially in combination with the other abilities and baseline manoeuvrability that they share with Negation Angels , allowing them to get into ideal positions to exploit terrain after shooting – however, considering the most common home for both Angel types is one of the Auroras , it’s much less potent, since both have a way to hand Reposition out on demand. Sadly, I’m not sure that this is made up for by their slightly cheaper cost of 5 points, as Negation Angels just crowd out their small unit slot a bit. At least they have a place with the Auroras in Strange Bedfellows, where we click the Angel buttons until they go red almost every time. I’d have liked to see a redefining of their role in the recent CID, such as giving them True Sight, buffing their guns to POW12, and removing Brutal Charge to make them more of a defined ranged skirmishing unit that Convergence currently lacks.

And then the… shall we say less successful version


Let’s go in hard with Reciprocators – in my opinion, for their points, these guys hit like a wet fish (I dunno, I’ve seen the damage one of those can do after a tournament… -Ed.).
A single P+S12 attack is garbage on a medium based unit, and the tradeoff for using Empowered Attack is rough, especially as by the time it gets back around to your turn it’s gone, meaning your Vengeance attacks are pretty poor. While as with every other unit, we have good ways to buff this, we’d much rather be making cheap models have really good melee output than expensive ones. Having this work until the start of their next activation would go a long way to making these more desirable. However, they for sure shine on the defensive front, with base ARM16, Shield Wall, 8 boxes, the option for Set Defence, and Vengeance from Clockwork Legions all combine to make them very difficult to engage and remove effectively. Stack on something like Lucant for Deceleration and his Feat and they can laugh off most things for a key turn. This is sort of a double-edged sword though – because of their smaller headcount and higher cost, you can’t spend their lives as trivially as Obstructors , so it’s somewhat harder to make use of the charge-based SPD/movement buffs in faction as it can be very hard to justify leaving Shield Wall. Overall, I see this as their downfall – they’re a screening/scenario piece in a faction that has access to Obstructors , and when you consider that you can have 3 units of Obstructors for only 1 point more than 2 units of Reciprocators , it’s a real hard sell.

Look, I’ve kinda blown the meme budget here, but I promise, we’re building up to a… let’s say half-decent ending. Just bear with me. -Ed.

Eradicators , meanwhile, are an exercise in deceptiveness, which is pretty strange for chunky clankers. The front of their card has a lot of rough-looking numbers, like 0.5” melee range and ARM15, but if you focus on the two initials at a decent POW of 12 and flip that card over, the rewards are worth it. Accuracy, Side Step, and Finisher are exceptional rules, especially with the amount of Puncture in faction to easily trigger the latter, and that ARM15 gets a lot tastier when combined with Shields Up to go to a cool ARM17 against most things, which tips them just over the threshold of survivability when running that Reciprocators don’t quite reach. Unfortunately, they absolutely need speed buffs, and ideally access to Pathfinder, to truly shine, as 0.5” melee is just an extremely unforgiving rule, preventing you from getting a decent amount of Eradicators into melee with a hard target that they would otherwise dissect. They’re good models, but not plug-and-play.

Just one more stock image, I promise. Whatever you’re imagining is below, I promise that it’s not worth the wait. -Ed.

To finish up though, here’s some unmitigated happiness! Perforators hit like a truck, shooting out smaller trucks, in a sort of weird truck reproductive cycle (reprotrucktive cycle? -Ed.). They murder most small-based models pretty efficiently, but where they really shine is against targets for their unique rule Predator Protocol. Not only is this a badass name for an ability, but it also makes them effectively RAT7 and P+S7 Armour Piercing.
Then you add in Empowered Attack for P+S 9 Armour Piercing shots, combine with Assault, and these bois drops heavies and colossals like no tomorrow. As a ranged unit, their mopey ARM15 is enough to actually survive some of the retaliation that comes their way when combined with having 8 boxes, requiring actual melee commitment to deal with, which in turn requires surviving their withering firepower, and between Assault, Snipe, and a decent base range, SPD5 isn’t nearly as limiting a feature as on their sister medium based units. Coupled with their solid cost, I think that Perforators are the biggest winner from the old models in CID (besides maybe one that I’ll get to if I ever do an article on the warjacks in faction (or they could just listen to KnightsCast #3, where you went on about it at length! -Ed.)).

Be careful who you call ugly in CID middle school

And finally, to finish up, the promised tier list! If you’re extremely bored and want to do your own, it can be found here.

In case you can’t tell, that’s Negations and Perforators in that spicy S, Eradicators and Obstructors in A, then Clockworks, Reciprocators, and poor little Reductors in B, C, and D respectively.

Overall, Convergence infantry is very good. There are a lot of options right now and you can make an argument for including any of them, even Reductors . It’s a good time to be playing Convergence so don’t feel like you need to play Mercenaries to get a good pairing for Strange Bedfellows ! If there is enough interest, then I’ll happily do another write up on our warjacks and then maybe even on our ‘casters.

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