The Draw: Wurmwood1 Bones of Orboros

What's the list?

Bones of Orboros 

Wurmwood, Tree of Fate

 - Megalith
 - Woldwarden
 - Woldwarden
 - Woldwarden
 - Woldwyrd
 - Woldwyrd

Blackclad Stoneshaper
Blackclad Stoneshaper
Blackclad Wayfarer
Chuck Dogwood
Gallows Grove
Hermit of Henge Hold 

Sentry Stone and Mannikins
Sentry Stone and Mannikins
Shifting Stones
Shifting Stones
Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew

What else might be in it?

Some people will take a Well of Orboros, just because they're efficient models and give you a bit of flexibility in what Solo you have, though Wurmwood doesn't get as much out of one as most other Circle 'casters. You'll sometimes see Malvin and Mayhem, just because people like a combat Heavy, and a Dhunian Archon, so that Cassius the Oathkeeper doesn't get sniped out. You can also see variants heavier on Woldwyrds, as Curse of Shadows can make their guns pretty scary.

What's its place in the competitive meta?

Offlist. It doesn't quite have the coverage or consistency to main, but it serves a role in a lot of Circle pairings as a good drop into some stuff that can scare Krueger2. It absolutely dunks on anything that's not prepared for massed Stranglehold, and has enough Circle-style tricks to gotcha people out of nowhere.

How does this list try to win?

Basically, rather than going straight for the throat on a particular win condition, the list will instead punish you by making it really hard to actually get into melee with it, by slowing you down and shooting you all the way, and then try to hit you hard enough that it can just romp home on whatever's convenient. It does have some threat extension tricks, though, which we'll talk about in a bit.

How is this list commonly beaten?

It's not particularly resilient outside of Wurmwood itself, so if you can weather the storm on the way in and deliver a big punch, you're usually in a good position - the list doesn't hit much harder than other Circle builds.

What are its key pieces?

Cassius and the Shifting Stones are vital - between the arcing capabilities of the former, and the necessity of both for Wurmwood to move around the table, the game is massively easier if you can take out one of them, and all but won if you can pick up both. The Sentry Stone and Mannikins are also important in that they give the list some valuable throwaway models for models for scenario; if you pick them off, then the list will have to commit value models to contesting earlier than it would otherwise like.

What are some key gotchas?

Double Hellmouth as a 6" threat extender. Always assume that they can set it up, and while it costs an exorbitant amount of resources, never forget that if it'll win the game, it's absolutely worth it. Be wary also of Cassius extending the forest wall himself, and/or chunking something if he gets into melee. Finally, beware the ultra-long-range Undergrowth application to make a shooting assassination on your caster viable.

What are its good matchups?

Lists with a medium to low density of high-value models that lack spell protection are preferred prey - the big important models spend several turns suffering from Stranglehold while everything gets into position. Because of the amount of model removal that you can do at range, the list is also pretty good into infantry.

What are its bad matchups?

Things that can actually get to grips with the list will find that it falls to bits. If you either have the raw stats to make it through the Stranglehold barrage, or the spell protection to make it non-viable, you're likely to not even see the list after selection. The list also has an amusing tendency to just roll low in some key places on a key turn and randomly get naenae'd on - Stranglehold is a very swingy spell.

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