The Draw: Tanith1 Secret Masters

What's the list?

Secret Masters

Tanith1 [+31]

- Storm Raptor [34]

- Woldwyrd [9]

Blackclad Wayfarer [4]

Chuck Dogwood [4]

Dhunian Archon [0(6)]

Dhunian Archon [0(6)]

Hermit of Henge Hold [5]

Primal Archon [8]

Primal Archon [8]

Scythe [0(6)]

Thamarite Advocate [3]

The Wastelander [5]

Croak Raiders (max) [16]

Farrow Valkyries [8]

Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew [2]

What else might be in it?

Honestly, any number of things. One of the traits of this Theme that makes it very powerful is the very large range of models it can take, and this is reflected in the builds available for it. You might see the Farrow Valkyries and Woldwyrd substituted for Malvin and Mayhem in order to provide a little more punch, or a cheeky Thrullg thrown in for some upkeep removal, but believe me when I say we're only scratching the surface here.

What’s its place in the competitive meta?

Staple - this is a deceptively powerful list with (at the time of writing) an active champion in the international competitive scene, and is likely to increase in popularity as a result of the November Dynamic Update.

How does this list try to win?

Essentially, the goal is to bamboozle the opponent with a huge amount of potential interactions to consider in any given turn, while continuing to shoot them if they choose to take a cautious approach. With the sheer amount of tricks here, and the meta relevance of Tanith's very powerful gun, the list gets to simply piece trade from afar while awaiting an impactful mistake to capitalise on.

How is this list commonly beaten?

For all the various tricks the list has, if anything can shut down its shooting it loses a lot (but not all) of its power, and if something can simply brute force through all the shenanigans then it lacks the staying power for a dragged out fight.

What are its key pieces?

The Dhunian Archons contribute a lot to this list, not only by keeping the various living models functioning a little bit longer, but also continuously healing the Primal Archons, which are the foremost way that the list has of absorbing big hitters. The Thamarite Advocate is a nifty little tech piece that can redirect shots sent her way into models that one is trying to avoid killing for whatever reason, and also extends the Sacrificial Pawn to keep Tanith that little bit safer. Finally, Tanith herself can do a lot with her powerful gun, with any list that lacks Shield Guards or a way to shut down her shooting being at risk of losing a Battle Engine or combat Solo to Shadow Bind for a turn.

What are some key gotchas?

There are almost too many to name, and this list will likely be the subject of a future article because of the sheer amount of interactions that can be triggered by even the most innocuous attempt to engage with the list. Of major note - beware of Threads of Life from the Dhunian Archons on a piece you think you're going to kill, Sacrificial Pawn and Admonition making Tanith extremely difficult to shoot off the board or pin down in melee, Counter Charge and Rolling Earth from the Primal Archons miring down any piece that attempts to take them off in melee, and Witch Hunter on the Woldwyrd getting your poor unsuspecting magic user unceremoniously shot in your own turn.

What are its good matchups?

Anything that relies on a small volume of medium to high quality attacks. Any lists reliant on assassination. Any lists that are slow, and will get softened up too much by a high volume of moderately to highly accurate shooting.

What are its bad matchups?

Anything that can shoot at it with sufficient volume and fury to get around all of the little tech interactions. Similarly, though in a more limited way, anything that can simply drive head first into the many layers of defences and exhaust all of the various negations, redirections, and reactions.

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