Helynna vs Mackay; Invasion

What was the matchup?

Dave playing Helynna vs Stephanie playing Mackay on Invasion.

What were the lists?

Forges of War

Helynna [+30]

- Chimera [8]

- Discordia [18]

- Griffon [8]

- Griffon [8]

- Phoenix [17]

Arcanist Mechanik [2]

Arcanist Mechanik [2]

Arcanist Mechanik [2]

House Shyeel Artificer [0(5)]

House Shyeel Magister [4]

Lanyssa Ryssyl Nyss Sorceress [4]

House Shyeel Arcanists [0(7)]

House Shyeel Arcanists [0(7)]

Dawnguard Trident [16]

Dawnguard Trident [16]

Prima Materia

Mackay [+19]

- Suppressor [13]

- Toro [13]

- Toro [13]

- Vanguard [10]

- Vanguard [10]

- Aurum Ominus Alyce Marc [0(5)]

Prospero [0(5)]

- Vulcan [35]

Trancer [0(3)]

Trancer [0(3)]

Dave wanted to see how impactful the recent Dynamic Update was, and I wanted to keep getting reps in. It was a perfect match!

What happened at pre-game/deployment?

Dave won the rolloff and rightly elected to go first, in order to pelt up the board as quickly as possible. I thus chose to take slight advantage of the building in the left hand zone, which I felt had a chance of splitting up Dave's forces and potentially giving me a slight advantage on that side.

Turn 1A

Dave runs up, nothing much of import happens bar some mildly uneven Power Token generation. Rhythm of War is cast and promptly forgotten about this turn because we're both tired. :D

Turn 1B

I run up, out of threat ranges on the right flank where Dave's more impactful pieces are, and yeet my other Vanguard over to the left so that I can potentially try and make a push over on that side. I ensure that my Toro is in a position to threaten the whole zone, while using the building to avoid taking any charges from the Dawnguard Trident. I have enough Shield Guards to not really mind a round of shooting, but position to avoid a spray from Discordia and charges from the Griffons (although one is able to get in, it would at least need to use Fleet to do so, making it less efficient).

Turn 2A

Dave wisely takes the board space I've had to neglect and uses his Feat. Helynna is positioned in a strong defensive bubble, ending up at a very respectable 17/22 and camping 1 Focus, while I'm under a threat I can't 100% laugh off on the right, even if I push up with my Vulcan. Meanwhile, Dave is cautious on the left, so that if I want to kill the Dawnguard Trident there, I would 100% have to use my Feat and allocate a lot of Focus with Mackay to enable it. As insult to injury, he correctly assesses that with Rhythm of War he can use his Chimera to throw out a Hand of Destruction onto Mackay, meaning that she has to respect the threat from the Griffons in my next turn, while not being at risk of losing his Arc Node. However, Helynna is positioned quite aggressively, in a way that I'm not sure was strictly necessary in order to leverage the Feat.

Turn 2B

Fortunately, when in doubt, one can assassinate. I actually don't assess this run correctly; for some reason (such as, oh I don't know, looking at it as if I have another Railless Interceptor kicking about), I feel like it's a fair bit better than it actually is - while I'm able to get about 6 actual attacks on Helynna, I have it in my head that I'm going to be able to kill Discordia as well (by using the Toro to hit it a couple of times after using Rust and Ice Cage on it, then charging and spraying it with Mackay), putting her down to a more reasonable ARM 20 vs my guns. This is a very unrealistic expectation, and I should know better than to be flippant about such things, especially when I'm trying to get myself back into the mindset of playing competitively. Fortunately, the dice bail me out - a couple of fortuitous spikes later, and I get the kill, continuing Dave's notorious run of absolutely awful luck.

The score at game end is 0-0.


Stephanie wins by Assassination in Turn 2B. Scenario score 0-0.

Post-Game Thoughts

Helynna could definitely have been a little further back, or simply not cast Hand of Destruction, and all would have been well. A little less luck on my side would also have meant she was perfectly safe. I liked the Griffons in the list, having used a pair with her in the pre-Trident era as disposable trading pieces to good effect. Once again though, I walk away disappointed in my own performance. Perhaps the next Laedry Days will involve me going back to the original list - it does seem, though, that I keep running into good gunline drops, and maybe I just need to hit the right matchup to understand the value of this variant, so I will at least try and persevere, until next time.

Good game, well played, Dave!

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